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mother’s day

it’s mother’s day technically, and i’m still trying to wind down from work. i work retail part time and am pissed off b/c i didn’t realize that i didn’t have to be at work until 4pm!! usually on saturdays i work 2-11 and just assumed as much today. tonite the wife– a– mentioned that i entered my schedule wrong on our google calendar b/c it said i had to be there at 4, and that’s when i realized that i could have stayed in the bed an extra hour or so instead of rushing off to work.

i had to remind myself tonite about the good reasons for working a second job, but truth be told, i was tired, and i swear that it’s affecting my cycle. up until february, i had normal 28 day cycles. but now they are like 34 days and i’m a bit worried that this cycle is gonna be long like that too b/c it’s day 11 and my digital monitor says “low” instead of the “high” that i was expecting. however, my cervix has opened and my CM is changing from sticky to a bit stretchy, so maybe i will ovulate on day 13 or 14. the little swimmers sit here and wait patiently on ice.

tomorrow (or today i guess) is mother’s day and i bought A a mother’s day card. she’s not as mushy as i am but i hope she likes it. i hope that today being mother’s day will bring a little “luck” to insemination this week. i’m not so worried about it taking though b/c after reading other ppl’s blogs, i think we have our technique bases covered. by the way, sorry for the rambling b/c it is after midnite and i’ve been on my feet for 9 hours at work.

okay i’m not making any sense to myself so i need to take my ass to bed. wish me “highs” for tomorrow!


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