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tonite is the nite, that you make me a mommy

how many of y’all remember the betty wright song “tonight.” you may have to ask your grandma about that one.

well ladies (and any gents) tonite we did our first insemination. here’s the story:

when i woke up this morning, i still had “highs” on my fertility monitor, and when i checked with the first response around noon, i saw that the second line appeared but was slightly lighter than the test line. that was a good sign b/c the previous ones had basically no line. so i knew ovulation was impending. all afternoon after that, i kept getting the tell-tale twinging in my right side (a little on my left too– won’t tell A though b/c she’s freaking out at the possibility of me double ovulating cuz that would mean twins for me and three kids in total for us). sure enough when i took the clearblue opk tonight after dinner, i got my smiley face!!!! (pics to come)

so the games began! A opened up our tank and set just one of the vials on the counter to defrost for 45 minutes. during that time she got the rest of the supplies ready and we decided to spin some grown folks time in the bedroom.. but i must admit, i was so nervous at the idea that WE ARE ACTUALLY DOING IT TONIGHT that i had performance anxiety and had to finish the deed with some alone time. maybe i’ll save that story for our kids after they have kids of their own.

after the timer went off, it was time to start it. i guess after our gazillion cervical checks previously, this one was a piece of case. to say my cervix was wet is a gross understatement! EWCM abounded. we read that intrauterine insemination (iui) raises conception chances by 12%, bringing the generic 20% all the way up to 32% (it’s great being married to an accountant), so we decided to go that route. surprisingly, inserting the catheter past my cervix was NOT painful, probably b/c it was so thin and my cervix was so open. it hurt less than a pap smear and i had very mild back aching with it.

so now i sit (or lie) here with my booty elevated on some pillows. we’ll try again in the morning and then the next countdown begins!


One comment on “tonite is the nite, that you make me a mommy

  1. reproducinggenius
    May 14, 2008

    I just found your blog through your partner’s and wanted to welcome you to the TTC blogosphere. Congratulations on your first insemination! You’re so brave to do IUIs on your own–and for the first time, but it sounds like it went perfectly. I hope you’ll have beginner’s luck!


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