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5 dpo

so it’s 5 days post ovulation and the wait continues. i’ll take my first test on friday.

if i’m not pregnant, then i don’t know WHAT the hell is wrong with me. so on top of the fountain going on between my legs, now we can add constipation to the list of wtf symptoms. i still have the twinging in my lower right abdomen, but the headache has finally gone away. now we’re left with fatigue (could it be b/c i work 2 jobs though i didn’t get my usual “high” from b12 vitamins today), crankiness (too soon to be pms), floods of discharge (yet no stickiness or odor like bv or yeast infection), and constipation.

faithful readers and lurkers, any thoughts?


2 comments on “5 dpo

  1. dana
    May 19, 2008

    i am on pins and needles!!


  2. LuvJones
    May 21, 2008

    I got nausea on day 9 or 12 can’t recall, but it was EARLY. You very well could be all mommied up! Awww. Goody!


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