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the blues

i’m in such a bad mood and i don’t know why. i’m just snapping at everyone and that is not like me at all. i feel really bad because i think my wife is tired of my snarkiness and me saying “i’m sorry” every three seconds. i just have no patience for people right now and would rather be home in the bed. it doesn’t help that i jumped the gun and took a preggy test waaaaaaaay before i should have just b/c i was curious. of course, i’m still like 7 days before my period is even due, but i just wanted to see. i knew it was going to be negative so i don’t know why i got sad about it. it’s not helping that most of my other symptoms are subsiding– no more crazy discharge, food tastes normal, no twingy feeling, but i haven’t had a b/m today though. i dunno. i still hope i am even though i don’t feel pregnant (not sure what it’s supposed to feel like though).

on a positive note, my beautiful and smart wife passed the regulations section for her cpa exam!!! she’s been working SO HARD studying for this exam, which is broken into 4 different exams. the reg section was killing her (and me) softly. she took that section twice before to no avail, so she’s been taking a study course. it has paid off! so far, she has audit and reg done. is re-testing for b.e.c. (forget what it stands for) tomorrrow, and then f.a.r. (again, don’t remember what it means) in july. i hope she’ll pass and do well! today we were thinking “what are we going to do with this extra time in the evenings???” for two years, she’s been studying and i’ve been working (me not working the second job that long though). we’ll be able to be like a normal couple again– eating dinner at home together in the evenings. what bliss!


One comment on “the blues

  1. reproducinggenius
    May 22, 2008

    There’s not much worse than staring at a negative pregnancy test, no matter when you’ve taken it. 8dpo is incredibly early, though, and it’s pretty rare for people to have positives at that point. FertilityFriend suggests waiting until your period is due because you’re more likely to have a positive test at that point, although, believe it or not, some people don’t test positive until a few days after their missed periods.

    As for symptoms, don’t be down because they’re missing. Most true pregnancy symptoms don’t start up until at least a week after ovulation. The good news is that now that you’re in that week, you should have more things to obsess about! 🙂

    If you haven’t checked out fertilityfriend.com, I recommend it. You’ll be able to commisserate with all kinds of other women on this crazy ride, which definitely keeps a lot of us a bit more sane.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll have your positive in a few days’ time.


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