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11 dpo, tick tock

hey everybody, right now me and the wife are in oklahoma at a lovely little KOA trying to get our camping on for the memorial day weekend. okay, let me know stop lying– we are doing a camping-esque getaway b/c we *are* staying in a little cabin that does have free wifi. what would camping be w/o wifi????

here’s a little update- my boobs are out of control! i’m a very petite 32C cup and right now my cup runneth over. and they are sore as HELL which is a bit out of the norm. okay, let me explain. i always used to get chest bloating and soreness before my period, but that was mostly due to the large amounts of caffeine i imbibed during the month. well those of you all that have been following me from my last blog know that i kicked my 17 year coffee habit on april 6th (yes i count my days of sobriety like a true addict) in preparation for conception. so i had NO soreness at all during my last pms/menstrual cycle. so it catches me by surprise that they are so, um, plentiful this time. and they hurt like all get out– hurt to take off my bra, hurt to lay on my stomach, just hurt. i had a dream in which i asked my mother if they would hurt like this my whole pregnancy and she said no. did i mention that i have been known to have clairvoyant dreams? i’m not bullshitting you.

onto the other prevalent symptom– constipation. i have not had a *real* shit in some days now. every other day i get a pebble or two (sorry, but hey, you knew what you were in for when you read my insemination blog), and yesterday i managed to get a bigger pebble. but they are nothing compared to my very regular bananas i usually have daily at 10 am. yes i’m that clockwork. nothing has changed regarding my diet so i have no idea why i’m this blocked up.

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, if i’m not pregnant, there is something severely wrong with me b/c these symptoms are completely WTF!

tomorrow i test!


3 comments on “11 dpo, tick tock

  1. reproducinggenius
    May 26, 2008

    I hope all of these do lead to a positive test today! Good luck!


  2. liberationtheory
    May 26, 2008

    so far none. going to test again on friday– two days after my period is due.


  3. Travelher
    May 27, 2008

    OK, totally LOL at someone writing that they shit bananas at 10am. (or USED to). Too funny!!!

    I, too, gave up my love affair with caffeine when getting on this train…it ain’t easy, is it?

    Can’t wait to hear what the test results are…hang in there and keep the twins contained.


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