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12 dpo and cd 27

so i’m becoming increasingly doubtful that i’m pregnant, though all my symptoms persist. i took 2 pregnancy tests today and of course, negative. i’m holding out that it’s still too early, but c’est la vie. in addition, i’m getting those lower back cramps that you get right before your period. 

on a positive note, my wife got a “peak” on her digital fertility monitor at 6 am while we were still “camping” in oklahoma. even though i had like 2 hours of sleep due to having to pee like a racehorse but refusing to b/c i didn’t want to trek to the bathroom in the middle of the night by myself, we packed up the truck and headed home. when we got home, i rushed to unpack the car and asked A to take the little swimmers out to thaw. in the midst of all this, she started crying b/c she said i didn’t care about her insemination process as much as i did about mine. i was like WTF and she said it was b/c i wasn’t taking pics and didn’t want to participate in the opening of the tank. after i held in every mean thought i could conjure, i reminded her that i was rushing so that we didn’t miss her window of opportunity. she cried and i hugged her, and asked her if she was gonna be a crybaby her entire pregnancy cuz it’s clear i’m gonna be the grumpy bitch. that made her laugh. i also gave her a taste of her own medicine when it came time to have the big O. she was convinced that she didn’t harass me about having one, but oh how she did. so i had to remind her to have some personal time so her cervix could suck up the little guys. so while she was waiting with her booty elevated, i went out to wally world and got two more different types of pregnancy tests which were negative.

so now that i my tww is coming to a close, i get to start one with my wife and i’m actually excited. between the two of us, SOMEBODY’S going to be pregnant this summer. 

wishing the wife extra baby dust.



2 comments on “12 dpo and cd 27

  1. Erin
    May 26, 2008

    ….Or maybe you’ll both be pregnant this Summer!! Wouldn’t that be cool??!! 🙂

    Good luck to both of you!


  2. LuvJones
    May 26, 2008

    Ya’ll are too cute for real…sounds like emotions are running really high. Don’t stress each other too much, babies are coming for both of you.


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