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an actual non-pregnancy post

i am SO tired, and no it’s not a pregnancy symptom. it’s cuz i was up too late and woke up very early to finish start (tell the truth, shame the devil) writing finals for my two english classes (9th and 10th). it didn’t help that i had to work the second job yesterday evening and i managed to procrastinate until the VERY last moment. but alas, they were done and they were pretty good too. i had prepared a detaild study guide for each of my classes, so i basically took the questions from there. it helped even more that i have such an encouraging wife who proofread them for me and kept me motivated until she dozed off. this is the same woman that used to help me write lesson and unit plans over the phone when we were still doing the long distance thing. man, Sprint LOVED us with our 10K minutes a month. i think our marathon record of uninterrupted phone time (no hangups or drops) was like 28 hours. it only ended b/c my battery overheated. but i digress.

so since today is a half day due to finals, i’m going to have lunch with my wife at 1pm. Then go home and take a serious nap and bath before heading to the other job at 6. i SOOOOOOOO want to quit that job but after reading CNN’s report about middle class folks that are struggling and knowing i’m in the same boat, i’m a bit nervous. i’m going to figure it out soon though b/c i can’t see myself doing this past june. i think i can find another source of secondary income.

okay, now i know i’m tired. i’m just rambling.

mini-pregnancy update: still waiting for period to start, though i saw a faint pink line on the tissue today. it’s cd 29 and 14 dpo.


One comment on “an actual non-pregnancy post

  1. reproducinggenius
    May 28, 2008

    I do hope that pink stays away–that it’s some sort of implantation spotting.

    Finals time is always rough on us teachers. I teach college level English (but am on a break from it now), and I would always tell my students as they turned their final papers in and took their final exams that I was losing as much sleep as they were. Somehow they didn’t believe me, but it’s an exhausting time of year, especially for those of us who hold multiple jobs. I completely sympathize. It’s almost finished, though, right? Then you can focus full time on TTC. 🙂


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