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freeeeeee (courtesy of gnarls barkley “go-go gadget gospel”)

today is my FIRST day of non-teacher duties. the only thing i did remotely close to working was going up to the school to turn in my keys and pick up boxes of things i packed yesterday. also, i don’t have to work job #2 tonight so i’m PSYCHED! i’m not sure if i said in another blog, but this is my last week at the part time gig. it’s just time to let that go!

hmm, other updates. did i ever tell yall that i have the BESTEST wife in the whole ENTIRE world? i’m sorry that think yall’s wives are the bomb, but they arent compared to my butterfly. i know some of yall are crossover readers and already know, but those of yall who aren’t, she gave me the BEST surprise this weekend (saturday night). so i came home from work late, like after 11 pm and was merely going into the bedroom to drop of my purse so i could take the dog out for a walk before bed. i opened the bedroom door and BAM, she redecorated the ENTIRE bedroom. i’m talking, new comforter, furniture, curtains, tv, art, EVERYTHING. what touched me so much besides the fact that it was simply beautiful, my fave colors, and “grown-up” was the fact that she listened to my idle wishing that our room was nicer and that i’ve NEVER had a decorated bedroom my entire 30 years. even when i bought my house 3 years ago, i decorated every room but my bedroom. now my bedroom is a complete sanctuary, so much so that that i don’t even allow the animals in there anymore. sorry scooter and hiker. mommy loves you but not your shedding. on a slightly sad note, i haven’t had a chance to christen the room yet because my baby is away on assignment. i’ve been having nightmares since i’m sleeping alone. she doesn’t know that yet (and we don’t read each other’s blogs so i know she wont see this).

i know i had other stuff to blog but i don’t remember it all just yet. as far as baby updates, we’re waiting to see if A is pregnant. she’s 8 dpo and having some funky stuff going on, but nothing like mine (which turned out not to be pregnancy symptoms or were they and my body rejected the blastocyst– that’s another blog though). she’s refraining from getting her hopes up high until she’s missed her period. she’s better than me because yall know that at 8dpo i was already testing (another thing i think worked to my disadvantage— didn’t give God time to work his/her magic.. yet another blog).

so that’s where i’m at now! chillin at home (gotta go to two days of IB [international baccalaureate] training but that’s cool) and waiting until i see my baby thursday night.



2 comments on “freeeeeee (courtesy of gnarls barkley “go-go gadget gospel”)

  1. LJ
    June 4, 2008

    Awwww black love is a beautiful thing. I know you don’t read her blog, but I’ll just tell you this she was so excited to do all that for you. That kind of love brings tears to my eyes, it’s just so powerful.


  2. Ms. Tee
    June 5, 2008

    You & A have always seemed so happy together. I’m really happy for you two and wish you nothing but the best. Meanwhile, have fun with all of that IB training. The high school I attended had an IB program AND the high school where I taught had the program. One of my sorors and one of my grad school colleagues talk about the daily stresses of teaching IB courses…I guess it’s give and take. Either deal with the overbearing parents of better-achieving students, or nonexistent parents who have out of control children!


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