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where did my high go– wtf?

no i’m not talking about weed, ala erykah badu “cuz my high is coming down.” instead, i ended up getting 2 positve opk reads today and was not anticipating such until friday. so lemme back up.

today is cycle day 13 and on my clearblue easy fertility monitor, i registered a “low” today even though when i pulled out the test sticks, there was a faint second line indicating that ovulation was approaching. so i thought i would get a “high” tomorrow and a peak on friday, as planned. well this afternoon when i went to the bathroom, my panties were full of cm (sidenote: i don’t usually get egg white in my panties b/c it coagulates by the time it reaches them. i usually can see it on my cervicx when we do speculum checks, but we hadn’t done any yet b/c i hadn’t had a high yet). after i stood up from pottying, i gushed cm. yes gushed. i mean running down the leg. i’m like WTF!! lemme use one of my other opks (luckily i had peed in a cup). sure enough i had two DARK lines which made me be like WTF again (yes i was actually saying wtf) b/c last month it took forever to get the second line to even partially match the first one. so just to be sure, i used the smiley face opk and sure enough, there she was just a grinnin’ back at me. so needless to say, it was time to inseminate– completely unexpectedly. good thing our swimmers arrived yesterday!! 

so here’s the mystical part of it all. yall remember how my numerology said that this month was a month of planting a seed right? so i checked what today’s date meant and it talked about getting rid of the old so i can prepare for the new. sounds good. so i checked to see what tomorrow would mean b/c the best day to maximize your month’s read is on a day that matches that same number, so for me, that would mean a day that equated a 1. lo and behold, tomorrow is that day. TOMORROW IS THE DAY that i’m supposed to maximize my “plant your seed” reading. our second insemination is going to fall on that day.

god don’t make mistakes. everything is in divine order.

i am in complete disbelief about how everything is aligning. not only did i not expect to be ovulating already, A came back early from her client engagement. she was supposed to be back home friday after being away for 2 weeks, but since the client wasnt ready, she got to come home last night. had she been home on friday instead of yesterday, i would have been inseminating by myself. in addition, this month i have totally been lax about the whole process, since being super anal didn’t produce anything. this is as close to ‘unexpected’ as two lesbian mamas are going to come, and i plan on taking this as a lesson learned– i decided that i’m going to ENJOY this two week wait and let Divine do his/her thing. 


4 comments on “where did my high go– wtf?

  1. Travelher
    June 11, 2008

    Our bathroom conversations to ourselves are eerily similar! I did an IUI today, so we are on the same TWW. I pledge not to test early…
    Swim little Spermies!


  2. liberationtheory
    June 11, 2008

    i am pledging right with you. i will not test early, i will not test early. come on, repeat after me…


  3. LJ
    June 11, 2008

    Yay! I’m sitting here grinning like a big ol dork. I am hopeful for you both.

    All things come in their own time…

    Good happening for tomorrow!


  4. liberationtheory
    June 11, 2008

    ^^^ don’t it!! and to add, i have COPIOUS amounts of egg white cervical mucus. i blogged that it usually coagulates by the time it reaches the outside, well right now i have a bunch pouring and it’s not the sperm either b/c i can tell the difference.


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