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this will be interesting

i woke up this morning to a peak on my monitor. this is the second month in a row where it’s gone straight from low to peak, though the sticks had a faint second line for 2 days or so. unlike like last month, i’ve been feeling this follicle growing. i’ve been having dull, yet noticeable aches on BOTH sides since last weekend. this will be interesting.

to add a new twist this month (because you know no two months are the same), we are going to visit A’s family tomorrow because it’s her little brother’s birthday. we’ll be staying in a hotel because this heathen lifestyle isn’t allowed in their home. at least they acknowledge me by name now and not as “that girl.” if they only knew my age and the fact that i’m not christian, i’m sure they’d have me arrested or before the pastor as corrupting their poor, innocent daughter. but i digress. 

so we are supposed to do the second insemination tomorrow around 2. slight problem– the hotel is an hour away from the party and we can’t check in that early. so we’ll have to do the insemination at her mother’s house. good thing her father is out of town because i KNOW he wouldn’t be having it. but her mother wants to be a grandmother too badly, so maybe she’ll be cool. i’m so glad i’m not the one having to discuss this with her today! selfish of me, i know, but i’m keeping it real. damn, now i’m having flashbacks of the dave chapel.le skit “when keeping it real goes wrong.” *sigh*

so, this will be VERY interesting. sing kum-ba-yah for me and i’m going to have to meditate with some serious intentions today.

today’s affirmation: *thinking, thinking, thinking* even the unexpected leads to greater good


6 comments on “this will be interesting

  1. LJ
    July 11, 2008

    Just make sure you LOCK THE DOOR whilst you go about the baby making…LOL!!!

    good luck and I hope the trip doesn’t stress either of you too much.


  2. Gia
    July 11, 2008

    All else fails…you can always do it in the back sit of your car…..;-) i think that would make a great “how we have you” story down the road…..


  3. liberationtheory
    July 11, 2008

    lol, we *could* do it in the back of the car, but we need to sterilize the speculum and plug in our handy little lamp. i guess we could pour boiling water on it from starbucks and use a flashlight. hmm, a GREAT “how we got you” story!


  4. j. k-c.
    July 11, 2008

    Well I wish you lots of luck with this…fingers crossed.


  5. Travelher
    July 11, 2008

    OH Dear. Wow. I wish you both the best of luck. Wow.


  6. Gia
    July 11, 2008

    oh…. you can just keep the vial in your bra and it will warm up that way.. place the instrument in a container of boiled water the night before , with a lid, have a clean towel gloves and do the damn thing!!!!
    ohh….I think I have found my calling
    Gia’s Spermination On Wheels!!!
    We get sperm in you no matter where you are….lmaoooo


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