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a little ray of hope– ttc update

even though we do know that miracles can happen, i’m being realistic and looking to the future. tonight i filled out all my paperwork for an RE and i’m actually feeling excited about going down that road. the constant guesswork and timing issues will hopefully be assuaged by going to someone who has the tools to monitor me. as each cycle has proven, no cycle is alike, so i feel like i have no real pattern to work from.

this is my summation of what is going on with me (i think):

1- the clearblue fertility monitor is set to the user’s specific hormone levels. so i’m getting a “high” instead of a “peak” because it’s comparing to my previous month’s “peak” levels. so why this level may be high enough to trigger a “positive” on a generic opk, it’s not triggering it (or triggering it too late) on the fertility monitor. 

2- if the previous scenario is accurate, it can explain why i’m going straight from low to peak. it can also explain why when i looked at the test sticks out of the monitor on day 18, it showed two dark lines (which it usually does with my “peak”) but the monitor is still “high.”

either way, i have no clear indication of when i’m ovulating– is the generic or the fertility monitor truly accurate for me?? 

so that’s why i have no ticker this month. i don’t know if i’m 2 days or 5 days post ovulation. i’m not going to even try. if i have no period by next saturday the 27th, then i’ll test. i’m just hoping and praying that i can get in to see this RE before my next cycle starts. a good thing is that he has IUI as part of the monitoring cycle 🙂

i welcome all feedback. thanks ladies


3 comments on “a little ray of hope– ttc update

  1. Tosha
    September 16, 2008

    I so understand your feeling of looking to the future. I’m already thinking about how I’m going to enjoy 5 days off work with the next cycle.

    Anyway, I have no clue how the fertility monitor works because I’ve put all my trust into the opk’s. I’m happy that you’ll get to see the RE and finally know what’s going on with you. All the guessing can drive a person insane.

    I’m sorry that I can’t add any valuable input to your situation, but I just had to let you know that I’m wishing you nothing but the best outcome either now or in the very near future 🙂


  2. Rachel
    September 16, 2008

    Best of luck…I was a slave to both the monitor and the pee sticks in my 7 ttc cycles. Hoping for a BFP for you soon! Best of luck w/the RE.


  3. j. k-c.
    September 16, 2008

    I learned to HATE my monitor. It was inconsistent and unreliable. Especially because you test in the morning, which was not helpful for me since I would get a positive OPK late morning after a high reading that morning on the montior. If I actually used the monitor to time IUIs it would almost be about 20 hours off (first peak about 20 hours after first positive OPK). After my 5th cycle, I think, I quit the monitor completely and learned to rely solely on OPKs…and I did LOTS of them.
    I hope that the RE can help and give you some insight and advice. Good Luck!!


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