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3 dpo/3 days pupo

according to fertility friend, i possibly ovulated on sunday, though i felt the intense cramps on monday. even still, dr. gap said i should count from the day i triggered, making me 3 dpo. in the spirit of thinking positively, i’m going to borrow gia’s declaration of using “pupo” (pregnant until proven otherwise) as my counting method.

other updates about pupo, i had the most vivid and bizarre dream last night. it was about all these people dying. one was my grandmother and in my dream i was so sad to not have her apart of my life. but the weird thing is that my grandmother died 10 years ago in real life. in the other parts, an aunt and uncle (who are alive in real life, but i’m not close to) died these horrific deaths. i have no idea why i dreamt those (i’m sparing yall the details of their deaths.. too gory), but in my heart i dont think it’s a premonition dream (did i tell yall that i have those from time to time….). 

work update: i’m the new grade level chair! yay. i knew it was coming but it wasn’t announced to my peers until yesterday. we had our first meeting today but i had to miss it for ESL training. my coworker who’s the 8th grade chair conducted the meeting for me so i’m excited that we are all finally going to be on one accord!

pepita update: since my ESL meeting let out a whole hour early, i was able to rush over to A’s 18 week check up. man, i feel like such a “husband” for not being able to make every appointment. it was so sweet though b/c A told the ob that i was on my way, and she held up the appointment until i got there. we even got an impromptu ultrasound where the ob says she thinks she knows the sex but wouldn’t say anything b/c we don’t want to know. all indications are pointing to girl though b/c my mom (she has 5 kids) says that girl’s heartbeats are a bit slower and the ob said something like “but you all think you’re having a boy” implying that we don’t know the “real” truth. hmmm. also, pepita is measuring a week bigger! crazy huh?

so that’s it for now. 

here’s a pic of where i should be now:
days past conception


4 comments on “3 dpo/3 days pupo

  1. j. k-c.
    October 16, 2008

    FIngers crossed that the blastocyst is getting ready to implant. 🙂
    Glad that you got to go for the appt for pepita.
    The heartbeat myth is actually that higher hearbeats are girls….I did lots of research on this after our first hearbeat came back at 168. Turns out to be not so true though…we are having a boy. And as my doc said, “if my hearbeat is low at the bottom of the stairs and then I run up the stairs and my hearbeat goes up, does my sex change while I’m running up the stairs?”


  2. Gia
    October 16, 2008

    That’s my girl…there’s the spirit!!!!
    I remember doing this pic in my TWW…and it was true…Here’s to being PUPO!!!!


  3. Eva
    October 16, 2008

    I hope this works for you. xo


  4. Lisa
    October 16, 2008

    I admire you guys for not finding out the sex of the baby. What control. I bet it makes the ending even better. Good luck to you this cycle. I was always under the impression that because you triggered, FF wouldn’t be able to accurately detect when you o’d because it was manually done for you. Anyway, here’s to this being your last cycle.


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