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just so you know–updated

the ultrasound on tuesday wasn’t that promising. after being on 7.5 of femara for days 3-7, and then injectible menopur for days 12-14, my follies measured at a measly 14mm for the lead ones and 9 for another. um, yeah.

i was/am very ambivalent about what to do.. do i give up now or do i keep trying despite the fact that these look like duds. and on top of that, these ultrasounds are now $100 bucks a pop and this will be my 3rd one this week. since this is the last cycle, i guess i’ll go out with a bang. i have ultrasound #3 today and if the follie is at 18mm then we’ll do the iui on saturday or sunday. but considering how many drugs were pumped into me to get a 14mm, i’m not feeling that hopeful.

such is life i guess

update: so my follies were at 16.5 mm today and the doctor thinks i can trigger on sunday night and have the iui on tuesday. i’m very concerned about the chances of ovulating so late in my cycle.. it will be cd 22 and i’ve NEVER had an ovulation this late.

i haven’t spoken to A about it, but i’m wondering if i should forego this cycle (maybe the next 2), then try again. when i try again, go straight the hardcore stuff– the gonal-f and follistim. i can’t up my dosage of clomid b/c my lining was too thin, femara made me a stark raving maniac and seemed to have greatly slowed down my egg maturation. maybe i need the big guns. i’m worried about it being so expensive though.. any thoughts??


2 comments on “just so you know–updated

  1. Poetry
    November 14, 2008

    ((((hugs)))) and woo woo woo (that’s suppose to make you smile perhaps just a little.)


  2. Lisa
    November 14, 2008

    Sorry Libs. What was the outcome today?


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