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what i’ve been up to

i’ve been so consumed with work and everything lately, that i’ve been very negligent about my blog. so i’m going to do the infamous bullet post

  • dare i say i’m feeling pretty happy lately? i don’t know why but i have been
  • we had a lot of fun completing our baby registry with my mother-in-law (don’t think i’ve used that term before…) over the thanksgiving break
  • i have so much furniture i need to put together!
  • work is work. i’ve had a lot of kids withdraw over this week due to (remember i teach middle school): having sex with a highschooler in the bathroom, feeling up a girl (thus violating his behavior contract for other sexually perverted actions and comments), bringing a huge bottle of bacardi, cigs, and condoms. oh yeah and then the usual withdrawals of everyone-sucks-but-you-on-the-seventh-grade-team, i forgot to let the school know i moved to california a couple of weeks ago, and some others that i can’t remember
  • i’ve been helping out with mentoring new substitutes and teachers at our school, as well as offering input on a new english teacher
  • i’m having surgery next friday and i’m definitely freaked out about it (never been under anesthesia for anything)
  • my mom has been saying really insensitive stuff (well it’s good you’re not pregnant, it didnt make sense, who would be around to put the furniture together if you were pregnant, maybe i’ll send you a gift card for the baby, i’m sure you’ll get pregnant soon, it’ll work, etc etc) BUT i’ve actually told her about herself each of these times and told her that her comments don’t “help” and that she doesnt understand that for me and many, many others, we can’t just “oops we’re pregnant” a half dozen times like she has!
  • we are going back home (new york) in just a couple of weeks. i’m so damn excited i can pee on myself. i just want to eat all my favorite foods– ethiopian, cuban, caribbean, thai, and of course, some real deal pizza

okay so that’s my massive post. i guess i should get up now and feed little pepita. she’s (we just assume it’s a girl) getting so big and one of my greatest joys is to feel her kicking and somersaulting. that little one is going to be SPOILED!


2 comments on “what i’ve been up to

  1. Lisa
    December 7, 2008

    NY pizza is the best. Can you eat a cannoli for me as well? It’s one of my other NY treats.


  2. laniza
    December 7, 2008

    What in the world is going on with those children? Sex in the bathroom?! Bacardi, cigs, and condoms?! I wish my child would!!

    P.S. I remember when that ticker said 11 months–time is going by fast!


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