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i was not meant to go to work today OR God really has my back

this morning on my way to work, i was in a double car accident. the first part involved me hitting black ice, swerving to avoid hitting a bus, fish-tailing, and slamming into the center median. while i sat their shocked as to what to do beyond stop and put on my hazards, another car swerved to avoid being hit by a bus, hit ice, and slammed into the back of me. i saw the car coming and all i could do was put my foot on the break, and put both hands over my ears because i didn’t want to hear the impending crash.

now, i don’t want to scare you too much so i’ll tell you now that everything ended up okay (obviously, since i’m writing this blog).

after calling A and freaking her out, i called 911 and then tried to get in touch with someone at my school. after all, today is the first day of finals and i had 7th graders who i’m sure were eagerly awaiting their exam.

911 took forever and a day to show up, mostly due to the fact that there were countless accidents this morning (i don’t want to get started about texas roads’ horrible construction). the young man that hit had his mother on the phone who was going off about why did i call the police and that her son had to get to school. after speaking with the woman once, i told the boy that he needed to stay in his vehicle– it was too dangerous to be out of the car with other cars fishtailing- and that i’m not talking to his mother and he could do whatever he felt he needed to do. yes i had his insurance information at that point.

so like i said, after about 45 minutes, the cops on the other side of the freeway were finishing up an accident site, literally yards from mine and signaled to me that they were coming around. when they finally got there, they checked to see if my car could move and told me that they were escorting me off the freeway immediately because i could kill myself due to my location on the bridge (i did mention that i was on an overpass right)?

they escort me off, one cop car in front of me and one behind me, and we pull into a parking lot off the freeway. then they issue me a blue form since the damage appeared to be less than $1,000. i thought surely they were kidding. i just smashed into a median and then had a car smash the shit out of my back. i got out the car to check. as God would have it, i had only a baseball size dent in my bumper and some extremely minor scratches on my drivers side.. no broken glass, nothing major.

but my adventure doesn’t stop there.

while i’m in shock about how lucky that i was, though my back is starting to clench up and hurt, i call A back to tell her of my good fortune and get ready to call the insurance company. i go to start my car and it is dead. good and dead. oh shit, here i go again. i call roadside assistance b/c at this point the cops are gone, and they tell me it’s gonna take about 35 minutes to get someone out there. yeah right, not with all this traffic and bad weather. so a hour later, roadside assistance finally comes, gives me a jump, and i’m on my way home. i actually tried calling work to tell them that i could come in and my boss directs me to “turn my little self around and go home.”

so that’s where i am now (of course after stopping by starbucks for a decaf grande, soy no whip gingersnap latte) and i’m lying on a heating pad. i do not have the energy to deal with ERs so i’ll go later or go to urgent care.

what day and it’s not even noon.


13 comments on “i was not meant to go to work today OR God really has my back

  1. poetrystruth
    December 16, 2008

    Lib, please be careful and get checked out ASAP. I was rear ended in Feb 06 and my back still acts up. I’m happy that you were able to get home in one piece. Didn’t realize DFW was that bad.


  2. Travelher
    December 16, 2008

    Holy Shit. I remember driving on ice in Dallas. I lost control coming onto the freeway and we just spun around. Scary scary scary. I’m so glad you are OK, but please get your back checked out sooner rather than later.


  3. Kali
    December 16, 2008

    So glad that you’re ok. What a way to start your day! Sounds like you were not meant to go to work today AND God really had your back!


  4. R
    December 16, 2008

    So glad you are okay. But I agree please please go and get checked out. Insurance stuff if for nothing else. You gotta take care of yourself!!


  5. liberationtheory
    December 16, 2008

    yes, i went to urgent care after the insistence of my boss. she said either i go or she’ll send someone to take me. so i did and am being treated for whiplash. more pain killers now and a few more days off work.


  6. poetrystruth
    December 16, 2008

    Happy that everything is well. YAY for more drugs…hee hee! I was going to call you but I didn’t want to go nappy stalker on you. LOL!!!


  7. liberationtheory
    December 16, 2008

    that’s why you have my number heffa!


  8. ciaochow
    December 16, 2008

    That is an ass-tastic morning! Just terrible. I’m glad it’s over and now you are home putting it all behind you.

    The sucky year known as 2008 is almost over. Almost. Hold on.


  9. liberationtheory
    December 16, 2008

    yeah 2008 has pretty much sucked. and i’m so adopting that word “ass-tastic”


  10. laniza
    December 16, 2008

    I’m so glad that you’re okay and that your car is drivable… 2008 is over in 15 more days.


  11. Rachel
    December 16, 2008

    Glad to hear you are okay after the day from hell. I was in an accident last winter, a woman ran a yield and I hit her. Of course she had no insurance and then declared bankruptcy before my insurance company could recoup any money.
    Tis the season for shit roads and idiot drivers! Be careful out there, and try to enjoy your time off work, just a little bit…


  12. Afrocentrical
    December 17, 2008

    I’m glad that you’re alright. Yesterday’s weather was no joke. Feel better soon.

    Be blessed.


  13. reproducinggenius
    December 19, 2008

    I am so glad that you are okay–what a crap day indeed!


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