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quick update drive by style (bullets)

  • tried to go back to work today. shoulda stayed my black ass at home. i was feeling so much better yesterday but i guess i didnt take into account that i would be on my feet and sitting upright today.
  • my kids completely crapped their finals. well, not all of them. but damn, i gave you a study guide (practice test) and the test was damn near the study guide with some changed words and multiple choice AND i gave 10 extra points to anyone who turned in their study guide… 3 did.
  • starting in january, i’m going to have to have saturday school every week. this shit is just getting ridiculous.
  • i’m working on grades tonite and tomorrow nite and then i’m laying my bag down for the 2 weeks
  • yay, i’ll be in nyc in less than a week!

2 comments on “quick update drive by style (bullets)

  1. Lisa
    December 18, 2008

    Saturday school? Why? It’s extra pay and voluntary, I hope.


  2. liberationtheory
    December 18, 2008

    sorta kinda but not really. mandatory to do 8 sessions over the year and it’s already put into a salary. so i don’t get “extra” for it all; it’s part of my contract.


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