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reincarnation, a quickie

i feel as though this ttc has taught me a lot. a lot about who i am and who i thought i would be. at the end of the day, i feel reborn. i feel as though the weight of ttc is off my shoulders and i can focus on being “me” instead of what my body can and cannot do.

i also realize i kind of lived this dual existence. the ttc side and the other side. for too many months i let the ttc take over all of me. the starkest example of this is how i had only ttc blogs listed on my blogroll previously, and i had my “other” blogs solely as a tab on safari (browser for macs for those in pc land). 

today i merged my lists (and did some cleaning up on it too) and i feel better. more *me*


One comment on “reincarnation, a quickie

  1. j. k-c.
    December 20, 2008

    So glad that you are reincarnating (is that a word?). I love the feeling of clearing out, gaining new perspective and purging the things that aren’t healthy for me to hang onto anymore. I’m so glad you are allowing yourself to move forward (I can just imagine that I would get stuck). I hope that you are going to keep on blogging…I’m curious to know the other parts of your too!


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