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surgery follow-up appt

here’s a short update:

  • as luck would have it, since i’m not ttc this month, my cycle was normal as hell. i mean day 13 ovulation (dr. gap even had a pic of my very swollen, ready to burst ovary) and 27 day cycle. i haven’t had a cycle this perfect since before we started, i think.
  • also, dr. gap thinks my chances of having diseased tubes (result of STD) as very, very slim. the pics don’t indicate it and it doesnt align with my medical history. so, he thinks i have some random structural abnormality. weird, right? of course, that’s a huge relief.
  • lastly, i decided not to pursue further surgery b/c there’s no guarantee my tubes will stay open and i could get scar tissue that  heighten a risk of an ectopic pregnancy. too many risks for too many maybes.
  • so all that to say, when i decide to try ttc again (late next year or early ’10), it’ll be ivf for me.

thus officially concludes my ttc 🙂 it’s been a helluva ride.


One comment on “surgery follow-up appt

  1. Heather Durrow
    December 31, 2008

    I just saw your blog on heidi durrows site. I have been trying to conceive , and I do, but I keep having miscarriages, im having one right now, so your blog was a bit of a blessing to me. I look forward to reading past blogs and getting to know your headspace. Keep your chin up, the only thing we all can do is hope for great things to come.


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