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answers to “come on, you know you wanna”

1. have i always known that i wanted to teach? yes and no. i always used to play “teacher” when i was younger, “teaching” my older cousins and because i’m short and the eldest of my siblings, i have a huge napoleon complex. plus my grandmother was a teacher so she had all these cool TE’s (teacher editions). HOWEVER, i swore up and down i would never teach. i thought i wasnt good at explaining things and didnt think i had the patience for it. to make a very long story short, i got a grant in college, created a summer program, loved it, applied for teach for america my sr year in college, got accepted, and have been teaching ever since (minus one year of “finding myself”.. finding myself broke more like it).

2. am i typical virgo? yes and no. yes,i used to be very uptight and regimented about things. my students will probably say that about me still. but over the years i’ve begun to let it go. a lot. so much so that my wife says i’m ‘carefree.’ still i’m very hard on myself and get frustrated when things aren’t perfect. but i’m weird too. i’ll care about socks being organized by color and the right types of underwear in the right piles (thongs over here, briefs here, rotate them so that the new ones go on the bottom of the pile, yada yada yada) YET my desk constantly looks like a bomb went off on it. i leave a trail of clothes as i take them off. go figure.

3. what is the story of the first kiss between my wife and i? she decided to come see me for the first time and we were both a bundle of nerves. her plane ended up being severely delayed and i was literally pacing in the terminal because i was so nervous as i watched the board say 45 minutes delayed, then 1 hour, then 1 1/2 hour, and so on. i got one of those luggage pushcart thingies to distract myself and she saw me before i saw her. i got her flowers. she blushed all shades of red. we got home and i remember sitting on her lap and the rest is TMI.

4. what am i first looking forward to with pepita’s arrival? oh my goodness, EVERYTHING. i think just first off i want her/him to get here safely!! i care more about that than the baby’s sex. then i’m really looking forward just to the bonding and spending one-on-one time.

5. how did i meet my wife? first of all, i have a lot of sympathy for brad and angelina because our story is similar. if there are those of you that think that angelina is a homewrecker, you should probably leave now…. for real, bye bye! loooong story short- my wife and i participated on the same hair board (of course there is more than just hair on there) and “met” via a gay/bisexual thread. we started talking/im’ing/texting/calling each other on the phone. in the meantime i was in a relationship that was soooo expired. so much so that the ex and i had several conversations about how we were going to divide things when we broke up. yeah, that bad. i finally admitted to my best friend that i had a huge crush on A– it was so weird. we never confessed our thoughts and feelings, but it still felt like courtship– all the talk about our relationship ideals, plans for the future, without the “stuff” involved. eventually, the ex and i broke up while A was graduating from college. we confessed our feelings and it has been history ever since. there’s a LOT i’m leaving out, though.

6. what is my biggest frustration as a middle school teacher? LOW STANDARDS across the board. low standards by the states, by the parents, everybody. the kids aim for mediocrity at best. it’s such a daggone shame because they are content with knowing nothing and any effort to do more is met with such resistant.

7. what am i most nervous about regarding parenthood? that i hope i can really do it and not regret it. i don’t think i will but i’m worried about the “i cant give it back” factor.

8. where do i see myself 10 years from now? working seriously in educational policy. my ultimate goal is to be secretary of education so i want to fast track that as much as possible.

9. do i believe in reincarnation? i’m not sure what i think about this. this is one of the things that keeps me from being a “full” buddhist. the way i see it, if we have been reincarnated, how would we know? however, i do believe in a connection with our ancestors. i believe in collective memory.

10. explain your philosophy of love. actually i wrote a whole paper about my philosophy of love. to sum it up, i think it is the essential life force very much like atoms and cells. i believe that love is a binding force and is the utmost purpose for life.

keep the questions coming! i liked doing this.


2 comments on “answers to “come on, you know you wanna”

  1. reproducinggenius
    January 10, 2009

    I too swore I wouldn’t teach–my mom’s a teacher–but it is a calling, and it’s hard to escape if your destined for it!

    You’re just the sort of Virgo I am. I can be so insanely organized, but I too leave a trail of clothes behind me whenever I have a change of attire.

    I’m loving reading these!


  2. shinegirlshine
    January 18, 2009

    seems like you are well on your way to peace. the little steps that u have mentioned will matter most. u are worth the investment. i am sure that there will be setbacks along the way, but u are moving forward–and that is all that matters. i wish u well.


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