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next 30 day challenge

this past 30 day challenge was to blog daily about things that i’m grateful for. i was also to write about things that i have faith in. i didn’t do so well with either, however i did feel a transformative shift in my thinking. i don’t feel so hopeless about life. i actually do have faith that good will always come out in the end. no, i’m not going to pretend that this re-realization (is that a word?) is solely due to this current 30 day challenge, but i think it has helped.

so for the next 30 day challenge, i’m going to give up NP and my favorite gossip sites. trust me, that’s a huge order. but i don’t see it as much as a sacrifice, as much as it is about purging things that may psychically/spiritually/emotionally hinder me. honestly, the way things are going with some of those sites, i really cannot tell you how they benefit my life and the growth that i’m trying to seek. the people that i actually like from NP,i keep in contact via phone/text/im/twitter. so what’s the point of mindlessly refreshing the same pages day in and day out. and as much as i looooooooooove celebrity gossip, does it really help me? i guess these 30 days will help me keep it in perspective.

i’m going to start this next 30 day challenge today as a trial run and we shall see where it takes me!

much love and light everybody.


2 comments on “next 30 day challenge

  1. nickey
    March 29, 2009

    I do feel a change on the NP site. I thought it was just me


  2. laniza
    March 29, 2009

    I love these 30 day challenges that you’ve been doing. Keep it up!


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