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so sorry!

that i’ve neglected this blog. trust that i’ve been blogging so much in my head. i have a bunch of things to write about but haven’t prioritized time. having little A in our lives has been a catalyst of so many changes for me, not just mommy-hood. i don’t know if this happens for everyone, but i see things through new eyes and am actually HAPPY with life. i haven’t been able to say that and truly mean that for a long, long time.

i know this blog is going to be cut shorter than i would like, so i need to make a note of some of the things that i will be blogging about now and in the short future (this list is more for myself than yall 🙂 ).

  • little A’s changes and milestones
  • relationship growth
  • new 30 day challenges
  • personal growths and depression
  • moving!
  • considering ttc again

little A’s milestones

my little girl, you have grown so much in these last 6 weeks. it’s hard to believe that almost to the day, 6 weeks ago you were working really hard to come into the world. but God must have had other plans because we had to go in and get you! now, a month and a half later, you have outgrown your first set of newborn diapers (both cloth and disposable), you are awake slightly more than you are asleep (at least during the day), you follow things easily with your eyes, and you got your ears pierced yesterday!! today when i was folding laundry, some of your newborn diapers were in the pile and i was getting a bit nostalgic that you used to be so small! now, you are so long and actually seem to be trying to smile on purpose. you also have fallen in love with the ceiling fan, according to your mommy, and i love hearing your little coos.

not everything is easy. i face a lot of guilt when i leave you and your mommy and then come home exhausted. the several rehospitalizations has been hard on your mom as well. there have definitely been some tests, including last night at p.f. changs when we had to give up having dinner because you were completely inconsolable.

despite that, you surpass all my expectations of a baby. i’ve become so protective of you and your mommy. you two girls are the best things in my life.

your likes:

  • getting massaged after bath-time
  • sleeping between your mommies
  • your baby hawk
  • your paci
  • being rocked
  • your swing (but not longer than 15 minutes or so)
  • eating!
  • dry diapers
  • car rides– the longer the better
  • kanye west– as soon as he comes over the speaker, you invariably stop crying
  • lying on your tummy– but i watch you like a hawk when you do
  • my singing to you
  • story time with the books auntie g has gotten you (heather has two mommies, could be worse, the people could fly, and a lot more!)
  • being swaddled tightly

your dislikes

  • too loud movies
  • my old school r&b– oh but we’re working on that
  • as soon as you fall asleep, you awaken and cry as if falling asleep has scared you.
  • sleeping in your bassinet
  • being in the bed alone when you’re napping
  • falling asleep in your swing
  • getting your hair rinsed
  • getting your nose suctioned. i know you think i’m the devil for doing it!

well, this one blog has taken me long enough (we had to pause for some consoling– you’re so sleepy and fighting it– and bathtime)

i hope to get to the rest later!


3 comments on “so sorry!

  1. Lyn
    April 27, 2009

    I also found that the birth of our daughter was a huge turning point in terms of life satisfaction and happiness, even on fronts that really had little to do with parenting. So glad you are settling into motherhood so well.


  2. Autumn
    May 5, 2009

    Always wishing and hoping the best for you and your beautiful family. I’ll be sure to keep reading for your fall happenings.


  3. Autumn
    May 5, 2009

    ^^ that comment is for “interesting times here.” My bad…


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