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Peace and quiet

I’m sitting outside of the campus we’re living at while A is in teacher training. LA was fussy and on the weekends her routine seems to go right out of the weekend. I must say- I have a new found respect for single parents and SAHMs. This is no easy matter. Because of the intensity of A’s summer program, I have LA all day and most of the evening. The little things that I used to take for granted are like little treasures now. For example, we went into manhattan yesterday as a family and I stopped to get a manicure and pedicure. For 2 glorious hours I was completely by myself- no baby, no wife and I remembered for a moment what life was like when I was completely independent. I have zero regrets however the responsibility that comes with being a parent and partner is in a whole different class than when I just had a girlfriend or was completely unattached. Still, I would have it no other way. This is forcing me not only to evaluate what is best for my family, but also rediscover what matters most to me and keeps me balanced. I have come to realize that countless hours on the computer suck, I can’t wait to pick up my car in Texas next month, I loove reading but go through books too quickly, friendships indeed DO change one the baby comes, but true blue friends never waver.

I have a feeling Miss Fussypants is about to wake up from he outdoor nap so I’m going to prep her bottle before the screams ensue (note, screams not cries). Blogging on my phone isn’t too bad so I hope to do this more often.


2 comments on “Peace and quiet

  1. halfadozen
    July 13, 2009

    Its true– life really changes so much when you have a kid. I do that same kind of reminiscing– “wow, I used to do what I want, when I want!” and it doesn’t mean I wish things were different, I am just intrigued with my old life… I am glad you guys are settling well…


  2. rachelbk
    July 20, 2009

    I sometimes miss being able to sleep in on the weekends, since Farty doesn’t allow any sleeping past 6am. With Ceara being 11 years old, she’s at the age where she sleeps in too, and even if she didn’t, she’d be okay while I slept.
    But those smiles and kisses and everything else he does to melt my heart just outweigh any of the tough times and sleep deprivation!


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