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this moment of clarity?

*Man I love that song by Jay-Z*

So the other day I dropped my phone in the toilet. Yes there was business in it. No, I can’t blame LA. It was in my back pocket and as I bumped into the toilet while sitting down, it came out my pocket and took a plunge. Over the past couple of days, I’ve been trying to get it back in working condition– it’s been restored twice, baked on my radiator, and now it’s hanging out in a bowl of rice. I can hear and speak fine, but it’s not holding a charge. It’ll be fully charged and then within the hour it is completely dead.

My phone is still sitting in a bowl of rice at home, but it meant that I had to go the whole day without my beloved phone. No twitter, no facebook, no NY times, no texting, no checking the weather (notice I don’t actually talk on my phone), no IM, no internet. I really depend use my phone a LOT. It felt really weird to be at traffic lights with nothing but the radio and my thoughts. I had to walk to class with nothing to do. And in those silent moments I had clarity. Why is it that I feel the compulsive need to be doing something at all waking moments? How have I allowed myself to become so uncomfortable with silence? How can I have more balance in my life?

It’s evident to me that I need to build in more silent time in my day and that means not silently perusing my phone. Last night confirmed that for me; I had the BEST sleep. I actually got off the computer and got in bed, instead of falling alseep at the keyboard or falling asleep reading the news on my phone. Instead of having my alarm on my phone go off, A gave me a wake up call (she’s in Texas). She even commented that it sounded like I had been awake already– nope. I just got 7 hours of uninterrupted, meaningful sleep– even LA stayed asleep the whole night (in our bed, of course).

I think to maintain this clarity, I have to do the obvious: incorporate silent time in my car everyday– meditation, in the car, whatever; read more; do not get in the bed with my computer; go to sleep unplugged to something.

The question becomes, how do I motivate myself to do this? Perhaps this should be next 30-day challenge.. I have 6 days to decide 🙂


One comment on “this moment of clarity?

  1. Chi-Chi
    November 26, 2009

    Absolutely do it . . . just do a 3 day challenge at first and you’ll love it so much, you’ll be hooked. 🙂
    My computer died a few months ago and I was simply astounded at how much “free time” I had. I missed my computer tremendously but it felt really good and freeing.


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