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2009 in Meme

As promised, here’s an end of the year meme I’ve created. Please link to this blog and repost your answers on your own!

1. What has been a blessing in 2009?
Of course, the birth of my daughter. She has been a figment of my dreams for so long and I’m very, very blessed that she’s here.
2. What is something unexpected that’s happened in 2009?
I ended a friendship with someone I’ve known for 13 years. My house situation was finally resolved (it lingered forever and didn’t end in a “good” way but it’s over). I actually changed my last name!
3. What song will always remind you of 2009?
I looooooooooooooooved “Blame it” by Jamie Foxx this year. Don’t judge me J
4. What has been a lesson learned this year?
It’s never too late to work on breaking old habits. Even if you’ve been making attempts forever or even if you think a situation is hopeless.
5. If you were blogging previously, what was going on in your blog in January of this year?
A LOT of anxiety and negativity. I’m so glad that that’s subsided.
6. What is something new you’ve tried this year?
I drove from Texas to New York by myself! I’ve taken drives that long before but never alone. But I did it alone this time AND managed to do it in 2 days.
7. What is something you’ve let go of this year?
I’ve let go of being hypervigilent about not doing anything that resembles Christianity. I’m learning to relax and do what feels natural and right, and being okay with reintegrating practices and traditions even if I don’t fully subscribe to the religion.
8. What do you think was the most overrated news story this year?
I am so SICK of all the swine flu hype. After all was said and done, it ended up being milder than the normal flu and while there were tragic losses, the numbers weren’t much different from any other year, though the demographics of those effected shifted. Yes, I’m skeptical of the politics behind vaccinations and I realize that it’s a highly controversial subject. But that’s my opinion!
9. What is something that you’re proud of from this year?
Making it through my first semester of grad school. I’ve been attempting to go back for the past 4 years and have actually done it! I’m also proud that I’m getting the hang of being a mom. I was very anxious about how that would go since I’m not the birthmom but it’s been working out pretty well.
10. What will be your quote/mantra/lyric for 2010?
Borrowing from Walt Whitman, “I exist as I am- that is enough.”

That’s it for me! Who’s next??


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