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whoever heard of such a thing?

Can someone PLEASE tell me why my child has 5-FIVE-CINCO-CINQ-TANO-خمسة teeth coming in at the same time? She won’t be 10 months until next week. She already has her first 4 (center top and bottom) but since Monday night she’s been running a fever and sleeping fitfully. We kept her home on Tuesday to ensure that her fever was gone, but Wednesday morning it was back. A stayed home with her on Tuesday and I stayed home with her yesterday.

Monday night I noticed that the top two closest to the center (lateral incisors, see pic below) were coming in. The white tips were actually showing so I figured that was the source of the fever (though she never had one before). Yesterday, I noticed, not only that, but the bottom lateral incisors have broken skin, as well as her top right canine! DIOS MIOS! Poor thing! I know she must be in pain but our doctor suggested baby Tylenol and Motrin and we’ve been using those, plus orajel. My child already loves biting and now she’s really going to have something to work with!

As you can see, though, LA was completely unphased by the fever after the first night.


2 comments on “whoever heard of such a thing?

  1. gia
    January 14, 2010

    Girl……The baby Ty is a God sent!!! My heart breaks everytime Hope has an out bust at night with pain its just to much


  2. rachelbk
    January 15, 2010

    Poor baby! Farty got his whole mouth full of teeth long before he was a year old too. We used Baby Advil because it not only relieves pain and fever, it reduces the inflammation in the gums.
    And frozen wet washcloths or a icecubes wrapped in a washcloth and tied with a pony tail holder. Not high tech, but better than any gel teething toy or other plastic nonsense I ever found.


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