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where does the time go?

My little mama is growing up so fast! I can hardly believe it. I came home yesterday and the front door was open (we’re in an apartment building). I saw A but not LA. She said that LA had crawled into the neighbor’s house and was playing with their sons. I almost had a freak-out moment. LA was actually over someone’s house playing without us, and it wasn’t  for babysitting. *sigh* They grow up so, so fast.

Update on babysitting/daycare situation:

I contacted a young lady that we use for evening sitting for whenever we go out (which is rarely). She is a student at my former undergrad college, and the college has a babysitting service. She is available to babysit LA in  our home for the next two days, which is perfect. However, she is so expensive (babysitting rates in this area is $13 an hour), and we cannot make this a long-term solution. Luckily, Gia gave me the information about the daycare her son goes to and when I called, they had an opening for LA! I went to meet the owner and survey the facilities, and I genuinely like it. So I’m going to drop off the forms today and LA will be going to school on Monday. A and I are trying not to be overwhelmed with the fact that Babygirl is growing up so, so fast.


3 comments on “where does the time go?

  1. Gia
    February 4, 2010

    I’m not going to lie to you, it takes getting used to as far as the knowledge that they are actually in SCHOOL!!!
    I took me two weeks to be totally comfortable with leaving him and walking out without wanting to turn around and hug and kiss him again! 🙂
    Till the day the little bugger didn’t care that I was leaving and just went right on to his teacher.
    This morning he actually walked over to her and raised his arms up in the ” pick me up” position she picked him up and started feeding him his bottle and that was it for me.
    I can’t believe she is going on 11 months already too! YIKES!!! any plans?


    • liberationtheory
      February 4, 2010

      We need to get on the ball like YESTERDAY about what we’re doing for her birthday. Something fun, inexpensive, and low-prep. Any ideas??


  2. Veronique
    February 7, 2010

    awww that is so good to hear, I have been sitting here reading and trying to stay updated and I was hoping you would find something soon. That is really good. Having good daycare is really a neccessity, cause your children are your most prized poss. I know I have two daughters.


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