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flashing lights

So a few moments ago I went into the living room after putting LA to bed. I noticed all these lights and shadows and thought that maybe they were reflections from my earrings. I soon figured they weren’t. I searched to find what was causing all those dancing lights and flutters, even removing my glasses to see if that was the cause, and all to no avail.

I tried not to panic (yes I was thinking that some sort of Spirit was in the room with me) and called A to see if she could see the fluttering lights or the source of it. Nope.

Come to find out that this is a side effect of Clomid. Who woulda thunk! I hope it doesn’t get worse. This is already odd enough as it is. Luckily tonight is my last night of it. I see Dr. On-it in the morning and I’ll see what she has to say about this.  Calling the RE’s office now, so the after hour service can page her. This is too weird.


3 comments on “flashing lights

  1. rachelbk
    February 24, 2010

    At least its your last night of clomid, so it had its chance to do its real job. Good luck!


  2. Bianca
    February 25, 2010

    Oh the joys of clomid!!! Hope everything is on track and you don’t have to take it anymore.


  3. Gia
    February 25, 2010

    Dude I remember having psychotic dreams when i was on that…It’s not called ” The Evil Pill” for nothing 🙂


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