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stimming for you

I took my blood test this morning and wil get the results of the clomid challenge later this afternoon. Based on my ocular reactions, Dr. On-it said that I can’t take that anymore. She was unsure of what type of meds to put me on at first because of my “poor” response before (I put that in quotes because I’m in doubt about everything from Dr. GAP). She finally decided on Follistim but only with a very low dose 75 and with extra monitoring (every 2 day ultrasounds). She’s doing this because I have a high risk of multiples based on my last follie count, and I’m not open to reduction. At the same time, I don’t want anything more than twins (and I’m aware of the risks with even that). So this regimen will hopefully reduce the risk of high order multiples. (God, I never thought I would be having this issue).

A sucky thing about the Follistim is that I have to take a stupid injection class that’s during work hours. But if this will bring us closer to having a baby, then so be it.

I’m on CD10 today and I’m looking forward to this being my last non-ttc cycle!


5 comments on “stimming for you

  1. Autumn
    February 25, 2010

    Gosh, I am really happy for you! Even in winter, the sun refuses to be outdone.


  2. rachelbk
    February 25, 2010

    Aren’t you tempted to just throw some sperm up there this cycle, just on the off chance;)


    • liberationtheory
      February 25, 2010

      i am but i’m not at the same time. i am b/c i do wanna just see. but i don’t because i had so many eggs in the beginning (didnt get it checked today) and scared of multiples now.


  3. Eva
    February 27, 2010

    you go girl!


    • liberationtheory
      February 27, 2010

      you know it’s cautious excitement but i’m happy for this sunshine!


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