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all grown up or commuter college only for LA!

Today was LA’s first birthday party, and it turned out great. At first I was nervous because we had about 3-4 cancellations- about a third of her guests. By the time her party started, only one guest had arrived. Luckily people started to trickle in and it turned out to be a success.

We had it at Cowgirl’s Hall of Fame in NYC and reserved the back room. Within the first 15 minutes, LA had kicked her cowgirl boots off and was discovering how fun it was to crawl up and down the stairs. I’m not sure if even bleach can fix the mess that’s left of her socks! During lunch, she shared her ABC food with Gabe (already been chewed, in case yall didn’t know) and he didn’t seem to mind, though he was sweet enough to share fresh food with her.

She was a total ham for the cameras when we all sang happy birthday to her. I can’t wait to see those pictures because I was holding her and didn’t get to snap any. She liked her cupcakes well enough (I won mom of the year when I left her personal cake at home…) but TOTALLY got into the ice-cream… literally. At one point she had her foot on the table in her cake, and when all was said and done, she had an entire cup of ice-cream down her front. I had no choice but to take her clothes off, and since I had also forgotten her change of clothes at home, my child was left in nothing but a diaper and a diaper cover. *Sigh* She seemed to love stripping for her guests, which let me know right away that she is NOT allowed to go away to college. These children, I tell ya.

My friend Starr asked to take her out for the remainder of the afternoon since the weather was so nice. So my homeless-looking child went out naked and shoeless. Their first stop was BabyGap to get some new clothes. And what did LA’s mommies do with their sudden free time….. SLEPT! Good stuff, I tell ya!

Here are a few pictures. If you are my FB friend, the rest are on there 🙂

eta: The evil bitch #2 decided to show up today. So tomorrow will FINALLY be CD1.. a week later!


3 comments on “all grown up or commuter college only for LA!

  1. laniza
    March 21, 2010

    Aww! She’s so precious. She reminds me of my little one, who just turned a year old this past January. Time is flying by!!


  2. Gia
    March 22, 2010

    hahah…We had a blast! and no he didn’t mind at all her ABC…something tells me they do that EVERYDAY at school….
    But I have to say by far the best 1year old bday party i have ever been too…..the bday girl strip show was the bomb!!!! 😉


    • liberationtheory
      March 22, 2010

      They were TOO familiar with it and leads me to the same conclusion. I’m glad you guys were able to come!


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