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7 days pupo/spring “non” break

Hey everyone! Just a quick note to let yall know I’m alive and have made it halfway through my tww. I’m running on fumes right now (though it’s spring break).

  • I have coursework to finish for the semester. There are slighty over 4 weeks left to the end of the semester and I’m thrilled. I take a class at the law school and we got our midterms back this week. I was scared because she gave us this looooong disclaimer that she had to grade on a curve per law school requirements (which I didn’t know) and that she grade d low on this exam to leave more room for her to add class participation, etc later. Then she called my name first to get back my paper. Your girl got a solid A!! That means a WHOLE lot to me because we Teachers College students are only a third of the class. The rest are upper level law students. Meanwhile, I got a “redo” on a paper from another course. They don’t allow grades less than B, so I have to redo. Le sigh.
  • I’m job hunting and interviewing for positions for next year that are NOT full time teaching. I’ve attended an open house and online one for two separate charter school systems, as well as applied at other charter schools for Instructional Coach/Academic Dean. I’m really nervous about this because though I do have a LOT of teaching experience, I have only a year of formally being an Instructional Coach and then another 2 years of being a teacher mentor. But I guess I’m qualified because one school asked me to reconsider for their Leader-in-Training position (working as acting Assistant Director and then being a full time one in two years). I have two requests for phone interviews! Pray for me yall because I need to have a job lined up to start in July because that’s when my current contract is up. I’m also ready to make a career step up instead of lateral move.
  • I’m closing out the class I taught for the past three months. I’ve been doing last minute grading and report cards and almost done!
  • Lastly, I’ve been preparing lessons for a new class I’m getting ready to take over next week. There’s a class in my school that is OFF.THE.CHAIN. It’s complete chaos and disorder and the kids are failing their benchmark assessments miserably. So I’ve been asked to take over and allow the current teacher to assist. The down-side is that state assessments are 3 damn weeks, so I’m not sure if I can pull out decent results in the time alloted, but I’ll try. Furthermore, this is a 5th grade class, which means I’ll teach all subjects but Science. Lord hammercy, I haven’t taught a self-contained class since my first year teaching TEN YEARS AGO, nor have I had to plan 3-5 separate subjects for a week in a very long time. I’m gonna need to really get my game face on for this.

So my Spring “break” has been a working one, but at least I did get to enjoy the beautiful weather one of the days. I did some grading by the waterfront where A and I stayed when we got married almost 3 years ago! I’ll be doing a TWW blog but want to keep that private for now. Those of you with my password, feel free to us it. Those that don’t, please email any requests.


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