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no octomom for me

Whew, I haven’t blogged since last Saturday. Needless to say that it was definitely an emotional weekend for me. I didn’t expect the sadness of a chemical to really affect me too much, but it did. And it affected my wife. Then it stirred up a lot of ish for us. Thankfully, we are working on moving past that and remember that we are a team and partners in this. She’s away for the week at a conference, so I’m on mommy duty solo. LA decided to get some “act right” and is back to sleeping in her bed and through the night. She had really been losing her mind for the past week and straight up refusing to sleep in her own bed. She did not wake up ONCE at all last night– no 11 o’clock bottle, no 3 am cry, nothing. I hope I didn’t just jinx myself.

On the 9/9 front (that’s my acronym for this cycle), I went for my cd8 monitoring. I’m going just about every 2-3 days because I regularly have too many follicles, and we are trying to grow them slowly so that I don’t develop too many mature ones. Anything more than 2 mature follies and we’ll cancel the cycle. So on cd6 I had an 8mm lead and a 6mm follie with multiple small ones. This morning I just had multiples on the left and right. I asked Dr. On-it what happened because I thought that my maturing ones disappeared. No, the other follies caught up with those and the lead ones didn’t budge much. So I have about 4 8mm (give or take a mm) on the right and I didnt bother to count the left. I was concerned because my follies developed faster last month and she said there was no need for alarm because no two cycles are the same and my body could just be getting used to the hormones. She said she purposely is doing this cycle slowly and that I’ll take a full 7 days of the gonal-f, be monitored again on Sunday and then up my dosage if necessary.\

So that’s where I stand with that! I also have made the cut for one of my phone interviews. The second phone interview I did is requesting more information so that I can make the next round. Pray for me yall!


2 comments on “no octomom for me

  1. rachelbk
    April 22, 2010

    I wish I could have had so many u/s, but I couldn’t afford them and the only time they do them is at 6am, at the clinic 1.5 hrs from my house. It would have saved me a lot of heartache to know I had so many follicles.

    I am hoping and praying for you, you know that!!!


  2. mrsbasement
    April 28, 2010

    i need more specific prayer instructions. like, a script ;}


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