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the precipice

You ever get that feeling that you’re on the edge of something wonderful happening, but you aren’t sure when, where, or what? That’s where I am right now. On the verge and just anxious for it all to unfold.

On the ttc front, i’m 1 day pupo or post-iui. I was sperminated on Sunday (you know you love that word) and this one was a bit more uncomfortable than in the past, but it was bearable. 10 minutes later I was off the table and went on with my day.

On the job front, I was asked to come back for round three of interviews. Yes, round THREE! I feel like I’m being hired by the White House or something with all these rounds. Get this, round three is a 4-hour simulation/trial of the job. Now I’m used to doing demo lessons for teaching positions, but this is an academic support/analyst type role, and I’m expecting there to be some on-the-job training once they screen you through various interviews and references. Apparently, they REALLY want to be sure of who they are asking to come in so round 3 here I come! The good thing is that this position is within walking distance from my home (no more hour+ commute and $400 a month on gas and tolls!!) and it’ll give me a chance to strengthen my data analyst and leadership skills. I think the job is mine because why would they bother to go through all of this for each candidate, but I just want to know already! It starts early June and that’s right around the corner.

I keep seeing all these repeated ones. I blogged about it before so I know it’s confirmation that greatness lurks and I’m ready for it!


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