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what ifs

what if i am pregnant?

what if i’m not?

what if i start the weird hyper-smell over the next couple of days?

what if i dont?

what if this slight cramping means i’m getting ready to start my period?

what if it means my back hurts from sleeping with a restless toddler in a full-sized bed?

what if this lack of ips means i’m not pregnant?

what if it does?

what if i start bleeding on day 13 again?

what if i don’t?

what if i don’t but still am not pregnant?

what if i make it to day 13 and then 14 and then 20 and then 300?

what if there are two in there?

what if i dont get this job?

what if i put all my eggs in this basket for nothing?

what if i do get the job?

what if i do get the job and i’m not pregnant?

what if i do get the job, am not pregnant, and my re won’t let me do my monitoring in nyc and iui in nj?

what if i can’t juggle my new job (if i get it) and classes?

what if they don’t offer me the salary i want?

what if they do offer me the salary i want?

what if i learn to manage my money better?

what if i hit the lottery?

what if i paid off all my debt and improved my credit?

what if i got a new car?

what if i got a mid-size SUV and NOT a mini-van?

what if i had a little more faith?


4 comments on “what ifs

  1. mrsbasement
    May 13, 2010

    this was a fantastic “inside my crazy head” post. The inside-my-crazy-head post is a convention of the TTC genre and you have done it very well. ;}


  2. watchingthewaters
    May 13, 2010

    I was just wondering all of that myself.

    Ok maybe not.



  3. monika
    May 13, 2010

    Glad to read that I am not alone in these “what if” scenarios 🙂


  4. rachelbk
    May 15, 2010

    So many questions, and I hope you get good answers for all of them!


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