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I guess the mini-van is inevitable

My wife sent me this video today, and I died laughing, not only because it was so funny but because it really spoke to the position that I find myself.

I find myself straddling that fence of indulgence and responsibility. One side of the fence is all about wanting to have fun now that I have the stability to do it and doing all the things I never would allow myself before. I never really dated casually or did many of the *single* life things because I was too busy trying to play house with people that didn’t deserve that effort. I feel like the sole effort of my 20s was trying to establish stability. Now I want to go out, buy nice clothes, get the fly car, travel more, etc. But my responsibilities are preventing many of that. Refusing to get a mini-van was my last hope of escaping the “adult” trap.

But now that I’m “grown,” I feel myself sliding over to the other side of the fence– the 30something, educated, middle class mom complete with parenting books, cloth diapers, and “passion” degrees (as A calls many liberal arts programs that are not as “practical”). I feel like I am giving our child the life I want her to have, and it is starkly different (not intentionally) from what the model that was present when I was young. When I’m 40, I’ll have a 3rd grader and maybe another 1 or 2 younger kids. When my mom was 40, I was graduating college and there were 4 more younger siblings. My mom was just beginning to establish the life she wants.

It’s been such a journey to figure out “my place” in all of this– social class, parenting, generational norms, and age amongst many of the dynamic spheres. I suspect I’m not the only 30something that is dealing with all of this. Whoever came up with this marketing for Toyota deserves a raise AND an award because it is “spot on” (as the wife says) and is pure genius.

Oh, and yes it helps me come to terms with accepting that I’ll have a mini-van. As long as I can call it my Swagger Wagon.


4 comments on “I guess the mini-van is inevitable

  1. poetrystruth
    May 20, 2010

    Awww hecky naw step away from the light Lib.

    Toyota knows a lot of folks feel this way about mini vans hence the slick advert. IT’S STILL A MINI VAN!

    I drove a van for 3yrs when I lived in Japan (so that doesn’t count LOL) I’ll drive my SUV ’til the wheels fall off…don’t do it Lib…fight that urge! LOL!


    • liberationtheory
      May 20, 2010

      *hanging my head in shame*

      I HATE mini-vans. My family had one when I was a teen. But A really wants one and is wearing me down. She says who wants to reach to the 3rd row of an SUV? *sigh*


  2. Autumn
    May 20, 2010

    No swagger wagons for me. It looks far more enticing than the vans/wagons from way back when though. Remember the ones with the wood paneling on the side and the elongated behind (think Nation Lampoons Vacation)? Gosh, those were so freakin’ ugly, even then!

    Girl, when you get that SW you betta OWN IT! *Snaps*


  3. rastagalnj
    May 21, 2010

    Girl, you don’t have to do the “swagger wagon” if you don’t want to. I did the minivan for a year but was I ever glad when my hubby came home with a Ford Explorer just for me! It hold all of us fairly comfortably (that 3rd row is a bit small if the people are tall or large and it has style. I have 6 children, and while they aren’t always with me, its great that they can fit if need be.


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