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are we there yet??

dude, i’m SOOO bored with this cycle already!

here’s the latest news. i’m down to 1 main follie on the left at 16mm and a 10. based on bloodwork, etc it looks like the other follies died off, which my RE says is typical with long, slow cycles. remember i’m on a long, slow one on purpose so i don’t over-stimulate or make too many follies which is where i was at earlier in the week. supposedly this “last man standing” is good b/c it survived all this so must be strong or whatever. i took one last shot of 112.5 gonal f tonight (i went through my whole shipment of pens this cycle and then some), will trigger tomorrow and FINALY inseminate on monday- a whole 23 days into my cycle!

i actually have little feelings about this round– neither good nor bad. it’s been so damn long that i’m just like whatever at this point.


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