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whoa, i’m 9 dpiui/pupo. that time kind of just snuck up on me. (Why did I just spend several minutes looking up the etymology of “snuck”.. my geekdom annoys me sometimes). I vacillate between “I think I am” and “I think I’m not” but time will surely tell. Last night I had a dream that I got sick at school, triggered by something minor and I started throwing up and couldn’t really stop; I had such a weak stomach. I remember people asking me if I was pregnant and I remember being conscious at some point that I was just dreaming. In 4 or 5 days, I will know what that dream meant.

In the meantime, my sleep is getting interrupted because some little girl with a name beginning with A has decided for the past several nights that she wants to wake up every 2 hours whining, wether it be in her bed or ours.  I have no idea what is the cause of this and we are both exhausted with it. It’s not screaming crying, just whining. I don’t know if her teeth are bothering her or not.

I am soooo scattered. These little 2 paragraphs took me like an hour and change to write.


One comment on “wednesday

  1. shea
    June 19, 2010

    ::fingers crossed for you::


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