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beating her to the punch

This cycle is a bust. Even though I’m 12 dpiui, I know my period is coming– the cramps are starting, the hpt is negative, and I can smell it (yes, I smell my period. Sorry if it’s tmi). I take my official test on Monday but I truly, sincerely doubt it will be positive. The bitch will be here sometime tomorrow.

My only question is, what do I do now?

I’m thinking about not doing medication for this round so that I can ovulate normally at cd13/14. That way I can squeeze in an IUI before I go out of town in late July.

The irony is that my new job will cover IVF (woohoo) but starts too early in the morning for me to actually use that benefit. I won’t be able to go for morning monitoring and regular appointments, etc. So after all this time  finally have coverage that I won’t be able to use. If cycle 11 doesn’t work (if I can even complete cycle 11 before vacations), I guess this means I’ll be on yet another ttc break. We also may be moving back to the neighboring state where I work, so we can get home deliveries of the swimmers and do home inseminations (assuming there’s nothing else wrong with me and I can get pregnant).

Last option, make peace that perhaps pregnancy isn’t in the cards for me.


One comment on “beating her to the punch

  1. rachelbk
    June 20, 2010

    I hope that you never have to resign yourself to that last option.


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