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ttc vets, get in here!

I have a ton of questions and would appreciate it if you ladies either point me to the best forum/site to help answer these (yes I plan on discussing these with Dr. On-it) or weigh in with your opinions.

1- If I’m 3 cycles with injectibles, would it make sense to go without drugs? I know people usually go the opposite way, drugfree, then oral, then injectibles. I’ve done all of those already, but not haven’t tried drug free since my clear tubes.

2- Am I kidding myself to even pursue another IUI considering the medical profession says that after 3 failed IUIs, it’s time to move on to IVF?

3- How can I either 1) get my insurance to believe that I’m prepping for IUI and then switch to IVF the moment my new insurance kicks in (and pays for it) or schedule IVF monitoring, etc so that I don’t miss work with morning visits and all that?

4- Are there any other drug or regimens that I haven’t tried yet? I’ve done clomid, femara, gonal-f, menopur, acupuncture, ume plum balls, prayer, no caffeine, etc.

5- Really, is this just a sign to hang it up at least until school breaks this winter and summer 2011?


6 comments on “ttc vets, get in here!

  1. rachelbk
    June 20, 2010

    I’d ask about Estrace, you take it CD 8-12, after clomid on CD 3-7. It’s estrogen, and since clomid is an estrogen binding drug, and causes problems with your cm and/or lining thickness, it might be something to try. I’ve also heard things about soy having the same effect, but haven’t tried that personally.

    I have no ideas on the insurance stuff, none of my ttc was covered.

    Sending hugs and hope your way.


    • liberationtheory
      June 20, 2010

      i can’t do clomid though at all. it caused those horrible ocular side effects. femara and menopur did nothing for me either.. the only think that semi works (after 20 days on it) is gonal-f..

      the other thing is that i don’t have any egg or ovulation issues. the meds are strictly for convenience (my dr’s) and timing.


  2. Lisa
    June 21, 2010

    it’s not entirely crazy to believe that you can go through injectables, etc and then go back to an IUI and get pregnant. I did injectables for 3-4 cycles, didn’t get pregnant. Tried one more time at home without any meds or IUI and got preggo. Don’t hang up the towel yet.


  3. Monika
    June 21, 2010

    First…some hugs to you!! And I am sorry that it did not work out this cycle.
    Imho if you can avoid the meds I would highly recommend to do so as long as possible. The long term side effects are scary, I think…
    I take Maca root powder from time to time and red raspberry tea daily (to give my uterus some nourishment and balance out my hormones) , which my body loves. I am more on the root woman/ holistic path..so to say…:-)
    These site was helpful in some ways…http://natural-fertility-info.com/.
    But-to be honest- I am still not preggo…sigh….
    We are considering IVF in the end of the year. I Think, the most important is to listen to your gut feeling and make your plan according to the feelings of your gut and the thoughts you have about it.. And when she tells you it is time to have a break for some time…she might be right.
    You are your best Dr., Root woman, counselor and all. I know. it is hard, but you are not traveling alone! Sending lots of love your way!

    Are there any TCM treatments (besides of acupuncture) who can safely support your ttc process?


  4. halfadozen
    June 21, 2010

    I wish I had advice for you, but sadly, I have tried it all, and failed at it all. And interestingly, the only 2 times I ever got pg were natural, so who knows…

    Just wanted to send big hugs. I know how torturous this journey can be…


  5. rachelbk
    June 21, 2010

    I don’t have any problem ovulating on my own either, like you, I was on clomid to make ‘extra targets’ and for the convenience of timing. I did notice that with the estrace, I have a lot more/better quality cm. And I did get pregnant the 1st cycle I used it after almost a year of trying ‘au naturel’ cycles and cycles with clomid.


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