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monday appreciation #5

I was underground when my phone reminder to write my Monday appreciation should have came up, but the day is not over and it’s NEVER too late to be appreciative.

1- I appreciate my babe for asking her friend for her stylist’s information. I FINALLY got something done to my hair that will be easy and inexpensive to maintain, and helps me prevent the knots and tangles and DRYNESS that’s been attacking my hair for a while.

2- I appreciate renewed love, especially when things seem to be heading downhill quickly.

3- I’m soooooooo appreciative of the new apartment we will be moving to next month (August). It has all the “luxuries” (really, necessities) that helped make life smooth and comfortable in Texas–assigned covered parking, workout room, dishwasher, two bathrooms, huge patio, and more. The media room even has macs in them!

4- I’m so very humbled and appreciative of my friends, including my online buddies that listen to me cry and vent even if it’s 2 am and they’ve heard it all before.

5- I’m appreciative of the peace of this cycle 11. I wasn’t conscious of the how stressful taking meds could be. Now here I am, approaching cd10 and it literally just flew by. I potentially can be halfway done already but tomorrow’s check will shed light on that.

6- I’m appreciative of my babe for listening to my most intimate fears and reassuring me. I’m starting to redevelop my plan for my dreams

7- Lastly (for this blog), I’m appreciative of summer break!!! I’m off work until the end of July though I have a week long class for grad school. After I finish this current grad class on Wednesday and take the mid-July weeklong one, I will only have THREEEEEEEEEE classes left to finish my masters. I’ll take 2 in the fall and I’ll have to save the third one, my thesis, for the spring per department rules. This time has gone by so quickly and I’m thankful that I’m almost done!

Just realized that I finished my appreciations with 7, the number of perfection 🙂


2 comments on “monday appreciation #5

  1. Monika
    June 29, 2010

    You saved my week…as I said the week before. Thanks for reminding me to appreciate what I have by sharing yours!
    Have a magic summer break with tons of summer fun!


  2. shea020105
    June 29, 2010

    i really enjoyed this weeks monday appreciation. thanks for sharing.


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