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Reboot please

I haven’t felt motivated to write in a while outside of my Monday Appreciations (coming soon). But I also wanted to update everyone on ttc and other things.

I’ve decided to cancel this cycle. I went for day 10 monitoring and it was just small multiples. I’m assuming my body needs some time off to ween off the gonal-f. I know I need a mental break of countless RE appointments, countless MONEY spent, and being a human pin cushion. Perhaps I’ll try in the coming months when my super insurance kicks in. Since A and I both took out family coverage, I won’t have to pay copays anymore because I’ll have a secondary insurance because dropping almost $400-500 a month in just copays alone isn’t fun!

My 3rd wedding anniversary will be in two days. Yes, we thought we were original with our 7/7/07 wedding date. But we weren’t. But we still rocked.We’re hoping to get married again in the neighboring state north of us instead of just having our civil union in our neighbor the left. Let’s see if we can pull this off in oh, two days! I’ve been doing some reflection about our marriage and right now I’m in a funk about so many mistakes that I’ve made and how I feel like I’m still bearing the consequences of poor choices I’ve made. But here I am and I have to figure out how to have faith that I can get past my demons.

I’m on break from work and school. I’ll have a weeklong class next week, then another week and a half of break until work begins. I’ve been running errands nonstop since being off my paying job. Hopefully this week, I can take some quiet time to reflect. I’m supposed to be taking a starbucks fast, but I realize this may be difficult considering I’m going to want to take advantage of their new free unlimited wifi. Will I be able to have that much willpower??

My child cracks me up. She is growing soooooo much. I know every parent says this, but hey, I’m still new at this so I can be amazed. She’s OBSESSED with Barney. I thought her love of the Wiggles was bad, but this is a whole new level. For one, she can sing the “clean up” song, though she goes “keen up, keen up, jibber jibber” and she likes to sing the end of Ring-Around-The-Rosy “ashes ashes jibber jibber DOWN.” Her language is literally exploding. I love her little “thank yous” and “barney!” amongst other things. Her coordination is also getting really good. She prefers to use a fork now to eat because I showed her how to stab her food. So much easier for her than spoons where all the stuff falls off the fork. Last night, we went to the drive-in movies (yes we found one about an hour away from our house) and she had so much fun exploring mama’s console. My little baby is growing up so much!

Well I’m going to cut this post short because it’s supposed to be 100 degrees today so I’m going to take LA out to the park before it gets too hot. Mommy (A) has work to do and daycare is closed, so it’s me and the bean today!


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