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monday appreciation #6 and a challenge for you

I know I’m late but we can pretend today is Monday since yesterday was a holiday. I must admit. It was hard yesterday thinking of things to be appreciative of but I’m out of that funk and here I am.

1- I’m appreciative of having little to no errands to run this week besides taking LA to daycare.

2- I’m appreciative of the A/C in our living room!!! We’re in triple digits and last night LA and I couldn’t take it anymore and camped out on the living room sofa.

3- I’m appreciative for renewed chances (I know I’ve used that one before but I’m still so very appreciative).

4- I’m appreciative that my younger sister (the one right below me) rocks!!!!!!! I asked her for help with something (that’s hard for me to do) and I thought she would say no because it may be risky to her and her family but she did and also said she trusted me. That was HUGE for me to hear because often I beat myself up for poor choices I’ve made in the past. That let me know that I’m worthy of forgiveness.

5- I’m appreciative of potential career connections I may have. Yes, I’m claiming success with this in advance!

6- I’m appreciative of some time off work!! Wait, did I say that already? I don’t care. I’m happy about this!

7- I’m appreciative that my wife and I have stuck it out for 3 years married tomorrow! What are we doing to commemorate? You’ll have to tune in tomorrow to find out 🙂

Okay readers out there, I have a task for you. By next Monday, email me what you’re appreciative about because Monday Appreciation #7 is all about you. Sign your email by the way you want me to post it– anonymously, screenname, first name last initial, blog address, etc.

If you decide to blog your appreciations (hint, hint) please email me your link and link MA #7 in your blog!

Don’t make me call you out by name! You know who you are…

I can’t wait!!

libertyacc [at] gmail [dot] com


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This entry was posted on July 6, 2010 by in monday appreciation.

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