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Monday Appreciation #7- All About You!

First off, thank you so much to everyone who participated, thought about participated, or simply read along. Your energy keeps me going. Without further ado, here is what YOU are appreciative of!

From AutumnRain

  • I am appreciative for my wonderful family. They really are some kewl folks to wake up to every morning (even when they get on my last nerves). I find that I smile and laugh more these days than I have in the past few years. I believe that I am finally happy where I am and grateful for the family that I have been blessed with.
  • I am oh so appreciative for my new place. It has everything on our “must have” list and then some. It took a while to find it but patience does indeed pay off.
  • I am appreciative that we can afford to buy organic whenever I chose. I remember a few years ago when I didn’t have the means to take better care of myself and fam and it was a extremely overwhelming experience.
  • I am appreciative for my newly found sense of self. I am beginning to feel comfortable in my own skin. I no longer wish to be what I am not, what I will never be. I feel no need to be anyone but me. Trying to fit into myself has taken my entire life and I am kewl with the me that God has created.
  • I am appreciative for my openness to give and receive sincere affection to and from my family. A few months ago I decided to try my best to live (as Joel Osteen says) my best life now and that most definitely includes not taking my fam for granted.
  • I am appreciative for my friends. I have met some pretty special people in these e-streets, a couple that I have met with in person and others that I still hope to meet.
  • Most of all, I am appreciative for God not giving up one me.
  • From Chi-Chi

    I am so grateful for the quiet moments I get in the morning to be with myself.  I complain that it’s not enough time and get annoyed when my children wake up before I’d like but really, I never appreciated quiet until they came along.  So I am grateful that they are (once again) helping me to change my perspectives and grow. I am grateful that I can wake up early to see the sun rise.  Grateful that I can spend that time doing things that nourish such as exercising and meditating.  I am grateful for the the clarity I get in those early hours.  I’m grateful for each brand new day to try and do better than the day before.

    From Corey

    1) I’m thankful that when my dh lost his job, not only did he find a new one quickly, but he had multiple offers, and moved UP the food chain!  Good job baby!

    2) I’m thankful that even though we are currently living 700 miles apart, I can see him every day by Skype.  God bless Skype!

    3) I’m thankful for my lawyer.  That’s all I can say about that.  But whooo boy, I am thankful.

    4)  I’m thankful for my children, particularly my oldest, who I lean on heavily, and my youngest, who is just a joy.

    5) I’m thankful for good friends, particularly those who also parent difficult special needs children, who remind me that I’m not alone in the battle.

    6) I’m thankful for music.  No matter what I feel or think or need to express, there’s a song out there that does it.  Love it.

    7) I’m thankful for the internet.  I love how it just expands my world and brings people together that would never have known each other and how information is always at my fingertips.  I don’t know how we ever lived without it.  And yet, I’m not ready to give up good old-fashioned books yet, either.

    From April

    1. Friends that can be honest with me about my areas of growth and support and uplift me on my journey to become my best self.

    2. My mother and I finally being able to have open and honest conversations.

    3. The opportunity to have a job that I am passionate about and adds value to the world.

    4. Second chances.

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    From J. Suga

    I am appreciative for the vacation that I’m taking this week. I’m excited about relaxing on the beach with my love and friends.

    I am appreciative for my job. I prayed for a job that I enjoyed. And as of now, it hasn’t let me down.

    I am appreciative for the luxury of being able to go out and enjoy movies, restaurants and other entertainment. There was a time when I wasn’t able to. I want to remember that and never take for granted that everyone doesn’t have that ability

    From Gia

    1- I’m appreciative for my new found lease on life- trials and tribulations has brought me down some dark roads but I prevailed and came say THANK GOD!

    2- I’m appreciative for my sister. Growing up we were mortal enemies, now that we are both adults she has slowly become my best friend and a person I can count on.

    3- I’m appreciative for my 4 friends. Some of whom take me for granted and at times can be very self absorbed but I’m thankful that I don’t have that “alone in the world” feeling anymore

    4- I’m appreciative of my kids. the fact that something so little and often times pretends to be clueless can have so much sense to comfort me when you are down and bring a smile to my face I couldn’t ask for more

    5- I’m appreciative for my job, thou it sucks major ass in the money dept, I feel blessed to have a check coming in.

    6- I’m appreciative of my Mother. I have been a Daddy’s girl for all of my life. But with him watching over us now, my mom has truly been a rock in my corner and support system.

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    I am so appreciative of your generosity this week and I hope everyone feels as inspired as I am after reading all this!


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