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never too late– mini monday appreciation #9

Sorry to all 5 of you that actually read my blog. I’m away for the week and lucked up on some wifi yesterday so here’s my monday appreciation a tad bit late. It’s going to be a short one in case my connection drops.

1- I’m SOOO appreciation to the hacker guy who was sitting next to me in sbux yesterday who gave me the code to a password-protected wifi connection. I’m not ashamed. I surely took it and bought him some juice for his generosity.

2- I’m appreciative of my body! A few minutes ago I started to feel the old trusty ovulation pinches and looked at my calendar. Lo and behold, today is cd 13 which means my body is back to normal!! I’ll get verification if AF comes on time, but I’m pretty sure she will. Now the conundrum will be what to do with this since I have a LOT going on this few months..

3- I’m appreciative of my new job! I’m going into my TENTH year of teaching and have never been truly coached. I’ve always been the one that others rely on to coach so it’s really good to get additional push so that I can perfect my craft.

4- I’M APPRECIATIVE OF SLEEP! I have had a total of maybe 5 days of uninterrupted sleep since LA’s been born, whether it’s due to her waking up, me pulling all-nighters, whatever the case. This past week has been bliss! I even had the immense joy of waking up for two days without an annoying alarm clock.

5- I’m appreciative of our new apartment. We scrapped the one that we were going to get for something more affordable and I’m thrilled that this one is like $500 cheaper a month and closer to my new job and LA’s new daycare. I’m talking a 15 minute commute to drop off the little one AND get to work. This is coming from a 1.5 hour commute and even longer in the evenings. Can we say blessed?????

There’s so much more that I’m appreciative of, but I’m going to save my last few minutes in Vegas writing another blog by the pool (yes I’m that geek by the pool on her computer).


2 comments on “never too late– mini monday appreciation #9

  1. rachelbk
    August 6, 2010

    so glad to hear about your awesome week!
    I’ve been feeling pretty blessed lately too, other than dealing with my mother’s crap, which is ongoing and will never change.
    But I feel like I’m asserting myself with her more, and that feels good.
    Yay for getting back on track too! I hope you’re back in the ttc game soon…but only for a little while. Then I want to read about you being in the pregger game.


  2. reinyblues
    August 9, 2010

    Freakin Noice!!! Now you have central air, no more sweating ot out!! Good work on y’alls apartment game and saving $500 p/m on it! Ahhh, that work vacay must have been a blast, girl I was there with you in thought… sleep will never be overated.


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