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random observation about money

The more I develop a positive, intimate relationship with my money, the more opportunities for abundance I have.

I’ve been on a mission for some weeks to track every single penny I spend whether it’s cash or debit (I’m not a big credit card spender). This is part of my personal emotional-financial recovery plan I’ve started for myself based on Bridgforth’s Girl, Get Your Money Straight. I’ve only had one bad week when I didn’t track my money (I had to give myself a consequence which SUCKED– 7 whole days without Pepsi). However, I’ve noticed that when I do, good things come my way. Just about every time I head to the vending machine to get an unplanned snack or drink (I usually budget a couple of dollars a day toward this so I’m talking about the dollars I don’t plan), free food or drink comes right before! Just within the past 24 hours, I was heading to the vending machine to get a much needed Pespi and my principal stopped me to inform me that he put about 20 beverages in the fridge that he had shaken out the machine (another blog for another time 😀 ). That same morning, I ducked out of the professional development to get a Pepsi and in the break room there were liters of it on the table for everyone. Just now, I was heading to get a snack before my next professional development, and our new lunch company (Revolution Foods which are AMAZING and delicious) had lots of food that they were using for taste testing. I love this abundance (yes I know that the other lesson is that I need to pack snacks and drinks with my lunch).

Random aside as a writing teacher: I use a LOT of parentheses and exclamation points. I blog like I think so I have tons of random asides. Just another aleia(that’s me!)-ism I guess. See, there was another one.


4 comments on “random observation about money

  1. Hers and Hers
    September 1, 2010

    I commend you on your choice to take command of your finances. I am doing the same. I am doing the Dave Ramsey plan and am so excited to live a debt free life!
    I wish you the best!


    • liberationtheory
      September 1, 2010

      Dave Ramsey is my next step. I feel like I need to tackle the emotional issues behind my money decisions before I can tackle debt. I have virtually no consumer debt but my student loans are in the multiple digits… yeah, it’s bad. I am excited to be ready for Dave soon 🙂


  2. VinyRenee
    September 1, 2010

    That’s great. I have that book and I’ve started it like 5 times and I always seem to fall off when it talks about getting out all your bills and seeing where your debt lies. I think I’m afraid to see it. Although I know that I don’t have mounds of debt, I think knowing I have any at all frightens me. I guess it should frighten me into action then, huh? You’ve inspired me to try again!

    Keep up the good work!


    • liberationtheory
      September 1, 2010

      I am the SAME EXACT WAY. She was talking about me when she described the woman with bags of unopened bills. I have (had) an intense fear of being without money and thought that if I stuck my head in the sand, then I can avoid the anxiety of possibly not having enough. So I completely get it. I am in no way cured, but I will say that 1) it was easier for me to read the book just to get through it and not getting caught up on the exercises at first (I knew I would find some way to subconciously derail myself if I did) and then 2) taking a leap of faith and just trying one small thing. For me, that’s been writing down all my expenditures (I use an app on my phone so there are no excuses). I’ve felt my anxiety decrease exponentially just from trying it out. I make it a game. I have rewards and non-rewards I give myself weekly if I stay on program or fall off. I’m proud to say that I’ve only slipped up ONE WEEK b/c I really hate my non-rewards.

      I’ve thought about starting an online book/recovery group with a couple of people I know that are in the same boat. Would you be interested??


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