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count it all joy

“cuz she scratches out my head when I’s was ailin”**- The Color Purple

I spent some days reflecting about joy and fear. One line from this Sunday’s sermon really stood out to me tonight–“It is your divine plan if you have joy in it?”

I decided to draft a list of what I find joy in. Like to hear it? Here it go..

1. Mothering LA
2. Seeing children smile and have the “aha” moments
3. Being in a relaxing, serene, tropical place
4. Talking with friends, especially about spirituality and God, life and growth
5. Writing reflections and introspections. and dialogue
6. Music- being absorbed by it
7. Reading and analyzing
8. Peaceful relaxing times with my wife
9. Being at home in a cozy, comfortable, clean, spacious apt
10. Good, soulful Cajun/creole food and barbecue food.
11. Learning and expanding my knowledge (not so much skill) based.
12. All things web 2.0— even when it was in it’s most rudimentary phases. I used to write real letters to friends in my same city, had pen pals through “right on” and “word up,” did prodigy (Pre-aol Internet and message boards), had a doogie Howser type blog on my 5-inch floppies (the black ones that required you to know how to use msdos prompts)

And the flip side of the quote “Fear is another motivation and is not divine. It allows us to live a half-life. Fear comes from ego, not God.” Who would I be if not transparent? Here are the things I tolerate because of fear:

  • Grueling, long work hours
  • Abusive language that I internalize
  • Anxiety
  • Ppl and work to use me up
  • People that aren’t self-reflective
  • Not exploring other job interests
  • Living as a function for other ppl where this is no reciprocity.
  • External demands on my time
  • Little sleep
  • Living in nj/ny
  • Working while going to school and parenting
  • Family expectation
  • Working at home after spending 10-11 hours physically at the job.
  • Fielding student/work emails, calls, and texts after work.

Crowd participation time! Comment below or link your blog about it.

1. So now with my list of joys, I’m wondering what kind of career or next steps they are point to. Any thoughts?

2. What brings you joy?

** I always thought that quote to mean that Miss Celie “scratched” the song out of her head because in the movie version, Shug always hummed that tune when Miss Celie was scratching her head and massaging it. I now realize (literally 2 minutes ago) that it could be just a general statement about how she wrote the song simply because Miss Celie loved her. I always thought The Color Purple is the best book about love– being in it, being without it, being consumed by it.


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This entry was posted on November 10, 2010 by in faith and spirituality.

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