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child for sale and other randomness

An almost 2 year old for sale.

  • Comes with clothes, toys, and books.
  • Works well in family of insomniacs.
  • Also can work for those who can stand some lessons on assertiveness from a toddler.
  • Price: 2 cajillionbillion or best offer.

I took off of work today because there was no way I could function. I got home around 10 from class and LA was already asleep. Coincidentally, A and I had a lot of “words” about my frustration with LA not sleeping and feeling that A was not proactive enough to find solutions. She says that I’m the one that wakes up 90% of the time (I hear her. A doesn’t) and that when she offers solutions, I shoot them down. She is correct with that. Even though I feel justified, perhaps I should apologize. Meanwhile LA woke up at 11, then at 12, then at 1, then at 2, then at 3, and then at 3:30.


At 3:30 (yes that’s AM), she decided she was up and wanted to watch Barney. No bottle, rocking, cry-it-out, NOTHING would work. So she’s been up since 3:30. I couldn’t do that to her daycare teachers so I kept her home. She drifted off around 6:30 only to wake back up at 7:15.

She’s still up.

Me on the other hand…. I took a picture of what I look like, but as transparent as I am on this blog, yall will NOT see that picture.

Sigh. So yeah. My only other option is to put her up for sale.



  • The IVF orientation class is this evening. I can’t wait. It makes it feel official.
  • My period is sputtering on. It’s not quite here yet but the cramps are a b*tch and there are some traces. I still want to count today as CD1 only because it’ll make going to the RE easier on Thursday for my cd3 work-up as opposed to Friday.
  • LA is now tearing out all of the papers of my grad school binder.

3 comments on “child for sale and other randomness

  1. sugarwater
    November 16, 2010

    a child that doesnt sleep is no fun for anyone involved.


  2. Minister of Style
    November 16, 2010

    She sure is cute and would make a great sister for Tatiana but since adding A would make me have 7 children, I think I’ll pass on this great sale. But seriously , I feel ya, Tatiana is waking nightly because she wants to sleep in out bed and if we don’t get her (we meaning me) she whines until you get her which then proceeds to give me a horrible nights sleep because of course she is hogging the bed. It will pass…when I don’t know, but trust me it will.


    • liberationtheory
      November 16, 2010

      YES!!!! The “we” is me and LA in our bed… she takes over MY side and I end up sleeping all hunched at the foot of my own damn bed!

      Since this post we talked about moving her crib into our room but I know Tati’s is in your room, so that wont help either??


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