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I don’t have much to say, but still want to blog because it’s just what I do. So beware. This might be a whole bunch of randomness.

  • LA is going to make me run away from home with her sleeping issues. We thought that maybe it’s because she’s a very light dinner eater. Well, last night I made sure she ate a lot of “stick to your bones” food that she likes. Still no go. She is persistent too. She cried and whined for an hour at one point, so the whole “cry it out” does not work for her anymore. The only thing that worked was around 4am, taking her to the sofa to sleep with me but with NO tv. She went down like a charm.  A and I are contemplating moving her crib to our room since she is so attached to sleeping with people in the room (ie, daycare).


  • I’m actually looking forward to my thesis project for grad school. I don’t want to disclose the actual topic yet, but I will be doing policy analysis related to teacher sustainability. So much school reform is focused on what students need that teachers get lost in that. They don’t inform policy but are subjected to it, no matter how warranted that reform is. But anyone that’s been a manager knows that when you take care of the workers, they take care of the clients.


  • Related to that, my advisor thinks that my writing idea can be groundbreaking and suggests that I pursue my EdD or PhD to write the full topic that I want to explore. My thesis only needs to be 25 pages and at this point in the game, that’s only a bite-size. I’m liking the sound of EdD because 1) I looooove writing 2) I want to be involved in research and 3) if I go to a small, state school, I can be funded and have TIME for my family. I already have a school in mind (and it’s not in NY/NJ) but I need to do further research. I also want to transition to doing research professionally next year. So we shall see.

So that’s my randomness for today. Today, my lu.pron went down to 10 units and I start gon.al-f and repronex tonight, 150 each. Come on follies, grow!


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