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These past few days have rushed by like a whirlwind. So much so that I haven’t even had a moment to update about where I am with my cycle. I’m currently taking a work break; I’m trying to hammer everything out because I won’t be a work tomorrow because…


Now that that’s out of the way (admit, that’s all you were checking to find out 🙂 )let me proceed with a bullet by of what’s been happening.

  • I’ve been at the RE every morning with checking my estrogen levels. They were rising too high and I was fearful they were going to cancel my cycle altogether.
  • They finally came down two days ago, and even more yesterday.
  • I’ve ben on Lupron to stave off ovulation.
  • I have 20 mature size follicles! Those suckers are HUGE. I hope that it means that I have mature eggs inside of them.
  • Last night, I had to go back to gonal-f and repronex, complete with the hcg shot.
  • I’ve been paranoid that I’ve ovulated and will somehow have my retrieval canceled. No this is not based on actual fact, just worried because things have been going relatively smoothly.
  • I can’t eat after midnight.
  • Tomorrow I go in at 8:30 and then the actual procedure is at 9:30.
  • If LA’s fever continues, A might have to bring her along because our usual babysitter is in class tomorrow morning.

That’s my update. I welcome all prayers, good intentions, and positive thoughts.


9 comments on “whirlwind

  1. Bianca
    December 2, 2010

    Good Luck!!!


  2. Black Muse (Rashida)
    December 2, 2010

    Yay!!! How exciting! And yes you’re right… I’ve been checking back here to see if you went in yet. Glad to hear it’s soon! Sending peace and blessings your way!


  3. Taheerah
    December 2, 2010

    Good luck with everything!


  4. Tosha
    December 2, 2010

    I’m so excited. 20 eggs? Damn girl that is awesome. I will be thinking of you and praying for the best.


  5. Corey
    December 2, 2010

    I will be thinking of you this morning.. you and your big, plump, totally mature, FERTILE eggs!


  6. queencece
    December 2, 2010

    Sending positive thoughts your way!


  7. VinyRenee
    December 2, 2010

    Love & light!


  8. PoetrysTruth
    December 2, 2010

    Girl, you have me on edge way down here! LOL! I truly hope things go off without a hitch. Praying for you and the family.


  9. tillie
    December 2, 2010

    Sending lots of positive vibes to you for your retrieval today!!! Thanks for joining team #hope 🙂


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