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thank you

I really appreciate all the well wishes and love that you all have poured out. This morning started off pretty hectic, including being met with insane traffic on the way to the RE. I was so thankful that A navigated an alternate route because she knows how I get when am running late. Mean. All I kept thinking was that these follicles were going to burst and I was going to ovulate before I made it to the operating room. The RE called me on my cell just as I was pulling into the parking lot. I managed to get there only 10 minutes late.

When I got there, they took me right in, I did all the obligatory pre-questions, IV, etc. Before I knew it, I was on the operating table, staring up at the ceiling. I drifted off thinking about baby names that started with A.

I remember waking up and asking where I was. They thought I was asking city and state, but I couldn’t tell if I was still in the OR or in the recovery room. I also remember asking how many eggs and the nurses said 9. They kept asking me what my pain level was and I was so surprised that it was very minor, or at least way less than I anticipated. At its worse, it was only about a 4-5. After I was getting dressed, the doctor that performed the retrieval came out and said he was pleased with my 17 eggs. I told him that I think he was mistaken because everyone kept saying 9 (which they were satisfied with). Turns out, they couldn’t read his handwriting and they were able to extract SEVENTEEN MATURE EGGS. Lord, I am blessed.

When A and I got home, we realized that we didn’t have one of my prescriptions for estrogen. So we had to have one called in. At the same time, LA’s daycare called and said that she had broken out into a splotchy rash. A had to take her to the doctor in NYC but the pharmacy that had my prescription was about 20 miles north of us. So I had to drive myself. Now, don’t worry. The percocet they gave me before I left the RE had already warn off, I have like a level 1 pain (no worse than ovulation), and was completely lucid. I got lost a few times but I got there and back safely.

Now I wait to find out how many eggies fertilized and confirmation for my Sunday transfer.


4 comments on “thank you

  1. Corey
    December 2, 2010

    WHOO! Go baby go!!


  2. rachelbk
    December 2, 2010

    This WILL work. I am sure of it because it is your time.


  3. liberationtheory
    December 2, 2010

    Thanks Corey and Rachel. Your prayers mean so much to me!


  4. PoetrysTruth
    December 3, 2010

    YAY! Go MamaLib! Wow! So happy for you and the family!


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