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too damn early

For IPS (imaginary pregnancy symptoms). Even still, they are starting.

Now for you lay folk, IPS is a common issue of women in the tww/2ww/two-week-wait (the time between ovulation and a missed period). Our brains are so fixated (even if subconciously) on being pregnant that it has a psychosomatic effect. You noticed EVERY little twinge, pain, heartburn, nausea and SWEAR that this must be a pregnancy symptom. The odd thing about IPS is that these are real physical “symptoms” but you would never notice it if you weren’t trying to conceive. What’s even worse in my case, is that I vividly remember the cycle and the IPS that I had my chemical pregnancy**, so I keep scrutinizing how similar this one is. In my logical mind, I know it is too damn early for any kind of symptom. But the heart and mind does what it does.

So my inventory of current IPS begin.

1- I’m friggin exhausted. Sure, I only get 4-5 hours of sleep but this has been my “normal” for almost 2 years. It’s hitting me HARD now. I even nodded off today while a child was talking to me. Looked like a damn heroin addict. The shame.

2-HUNGRY and craving. I just have a taste for certain things. The other day, despite it being 31 degrees, I just had to have a decaf iced soy mocha from Sbux.

3- This twinge that started on the left side of my uterine area. I do know it’s not just the follicles closing/being absorbed because I’m clear about what that feels like.

4- I have a slight sniffle. Yes my logical mind is like “dammit it’s 31 degrees outside, everyone is sniffling” but the ttc mind doesn’t comprehend logic.

5- The ever so slight cramps, like a period.

I’m not even counting the ones that I know are a side effect of the progesterone shots that I’m taking. Le sigh.

What are the silliest, most absurd, or most convincing IPS you’ve had. Don’t front like you haven’t been there!

** chemical pregnancy- When a woman is technically pregnant. The embryo implants and begins to secrete hcg, thus a positive pregnancy test. But then miscarries right around the time a woman’s regular period would have started. Most women don’t even realize that they were pregnant because their period is pretty much on time, though it may be a day or two late and may be a little heavier than normal. I was definitely pregnant, but that little embryo was meant to be my angel I guess.


3 comments on “too damn early

  1. Bianca
    December 7, 2010

    I’ve had cramping that I was convinced was implantation pain.
    lower back pain, fatigue, nausea whenever I didn’t eat right on time and af was a week late, turned out it was a combination of a side effect of a seborrheic eczema med and my over active imagination.

    Even now that I’m not ttc I still notice little things that I never would have before I was ttc. I never paid attention to ovulation pains, didn’t even realize I had them. I feel twitches all the time and my breasts sometimes feel like they are about to let down milk.


  2. Monika
    December 7, 2010

    My most silliest IPS? You mean aside of achy boobs in a size a lapdancer would get jealous?
    Ummmm…. nausea when smelling food or drugstore smell (soap, washing detergent-stuff)…extreme pissiness and super sensitive (crying @ commercials including babys and kittens)….which all results in frequent consultations of the toilet paper oracle (you know what I mean….)


  3. Minister of Style
    December 7, 2010

    Umm the breast tingle and like Monika, sensitivity to smells, oh boy that was the worst.


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